I'm Worried if I have committed a sin

Ok I am going to make this brief I am rater scrupulous and I am going to talk to my priest about it tomorrow but I’m getting to the point. I play with like a video gaming community, and within that community there is a person called “TheGodlyBrit” and I have a habit of sub subconsciously shortening peoples names and of course he got a good score and I said “Nice Godly” Then I realised that it might have been a sin so I panicked and said MrGodlyBrit and that kinda panicked me more to the case where I just stopped talking and started to write this question.
Basically I know this seems extremely stupid and everything but I was wondering was it blasphemy when I said his name shortened I kinda need to know as I want to know whether I should confess this tomorrow or not.
I know it seems stupid but I’m serious about this, I didn’t mean too commit blasphemy it just kinda happened without me really thinking about it.
Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


No it is not blasphemy and you MUST get counseling from your pastor regarding your scrupulosity.

Thank you for your answer, and Yes I am going to talk to him about my scrupulosity it’s not just faith I stress over though its health and a lot of things I am a compulsive worrier. lol

Thank you though seriously

If your worried about similar situations you could diffuse them by removing the questioned Skenfrith croon the tag name… eg ‘theBrit’ or even “Oi you British Wa**er!” Ok maybe not that last one. …

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