image and similitude

Can someone explain image and similitude to me. I understand they are not the same. Does an animal have similtude of god and image?


Could you expand on this a bit. It isn’t clear what you are driving at. Are you talking about how the perfections of creatures are dim reflections of the analogous perfections existing in the Unity of the Divine Essence?:confused::confused:

This is the image I mean does that tell you anything?


Similitude is necessary for image but not sufficient.

Animals only have similitude while humans have both similitude and image (of Christ).

At least we now know you are talking about the Mystery of the Trinity. I wouldn’t get hung up on these terms, which Thomas uses to philosophically describe how the Son and the Holy Spirit reflect the Father. The Church doesn’t use these terms in the Catechism. I would just stick with the Catechism. As long as you believe each is a Perosn and each is God is enough. We can’t understand it anyway. :thumbsup:

Ok do animals have the image of father?



I was saying we have the image of Christ because he had a body so it’s easier for me to see it that way.

Animals are not made in the image of God. They do not have souls and thus they do not go to Heaven.

The one thing I disagree with you about here is when you say animals have no souls. It’s the purpose of a spirit to work on and through a body to create a soul. Then eventually the spirit absorbs the body (ascension) and the soul absobs the spirit. Going to heaven as far as that goes I agree I don’t believe they do. Not our heaven anyway.


That is not the truth according to the Catholic Church

What is not the truth according to the Catholic Church? That animals have souls? I don’t see how you could be alive without a soul of some sort. Maybe alot different than man yes.


This is the Catholic viewpoint on the spirituality of animals

Sounds like I might be separating mind and soul differently. Everything some form of mind according to Nagarjuna. I just have to say that because he and the doctors of the church I like to study.


Well, Nagarjuna is Buddist

THings must fit together somehow.


I would suggest you ask an apologist about this crisis of faith you are having

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