image and similitude

What is image and simitude of God and man? What is personage? Why does man have one personage and God 3 ?

Can anyone understand this link? Image belongs to personage. Right?

The concept of similitude is further removed from the object of the image than the image itself is, but not so removed as to be totally diverse from it

I have no idea what you mean but want to know. I have read that the son is the image of the father but the holy spirit isn’t the/an image of either of the other two persons. There can’t be an image of an image. Right? :shrug:

Aquinas says that to say, “there can’t be an image of an image” is “no proof.” Rather, he explains it by appealing to Scripture. It is the habit of Scripture to refer to the Son as Image but not the Holy Spirit. Now the difference between the Son and the Holy Spirit is that the Son proceeds from the Father but the Holy Spirit proceeds from both. Therefore, we can clearly see that the Son is the Image of the Father because he proceeds from the Father alone, but to say that the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father and from the Image of the Father is also an Image is confusing.

If you still don’t understand, by all means let’s continue to pursue the question.

The way I understand it is that the son comes from the father and the holy spirit comes from both. It’s similitude and image that I don’t understand. And how is man involved in this. Man is made in God’s image so he takes after the son right?

Man is made in the image of the whole trinity. The difference between image and similitude in that respect are that man is made in the image of God as regards his rationality, but his body is a similitude. Or man is made in God’s image, but other animals are in the likeness of God only by way of a similitude. So a similitude is a type of likeness that is more remote. Image is closer in likeness to the original, similitude is farther away.

I don’t know how rational man is. Some people maybe more rational than others. If man knew right from wrong why would he need God? God is perfect in rationality. Man far from it and is attached to material things that give pleasure to the senses.

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