Image mixing devotions?!?

Hey all,

I’m a painter and recently finished a painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I was thinking of doing an image of the Immaculate Heart to go with it

As I was sketching, I thought of doing the image as a Madonna with child, where the child Jesus is pointing towards the Immaculate Heart. She would also be pointing to her heart (which would also be in the same direction as Jesus-- so she’d literally be pointing to Jesus through her heart).

This image would be mixing together both the Immaculate Heart and the Madonna and Child images. Would this be weird to people here? Would it seem strange to have the child Jesus pointing towards the Immaculate Heart of Mary? I could see people thinking that means He is worshiping Mary.

You could just start sketching it, and see where it leads you. :slight_smile:

To me, that would be the way to find out–to see how it looks as it unfolds.

It sounds like an interesting concept.

I understand your concern here–you would have to be careful not to give the impression that the Mother is above the Child. I would personally be uncomfortable with such an image because not only do you have Mary pointing to her heart, Jesus is too. I think there should be a clear inference that He is God and the one to be worshipped, as in traditional icons and images of Mother and Child.

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