Image of God

What do you think is the image of God? We are told in Genesis that mankind was created in God’s image.

It means having an intellect, free will, and the nature of a spiritual being, if I remember correctly…

well, we are also creators.

That too. :slight_smile:

you meant “we are creative”, no?

there is only one Creator


There is only one Creator, there can be many creators in his image. My personal opinion and how it was taught to me.

I believe St. Thomas Aquianus said being created in His image means us having free will. We are able to do and chose.

If you are creative then you are a creator. There is only one “Creator” but we are all creators. If it weren’t for me, my child would never have painted that picture. But that doesn’t mean I created the picture.

Has anyone ever read The Chrysalis by John Wyndham? You can get a quick overview from the wiki It takes place in a post nuclear holocaust future where all the radioactivity causes so many genetic variations that an authority was set up to squash all the mutants. To judge what a mutant is, they had this description which they seemed to regard as scripture and it described the human form in some detail. Anyone that did not comply with that description was… taken. It all worked out until the mutants developed a non-obvious mutation: telepathy! Oh, I am getting off topic here, aren’t I? Well there’s a pretty good description of *in his image *in there.

Partial Quotes:

And God created man in His own image. And God decreed that man should have one body, one head, two arms and two legs: that each arm should be jointed in two plces and end in one hand: that each hand should have four fingers and one thumb: that each finger should bear a flat finger-nail…"

“'Then God created woman, also, and in the same image, but with these differences, according to her nature: her voice should be of a higher pitch than a man’s: she should grow no beard: she should have two breasts…”

John Wyndham was a British author who had a lot of his novels made into to movies. Great sci-fi.

and without your existence, your child could not paint the picture. Thus, without God - the truly creator, there will be no other creator. My point is we all are creature of one and only Creator.

We appreciate things like art, music, justice, and love. These are things animals don’t have the capacity to appreciate. I think this is the image of God. Our inherited sinful nature has obscured it to a degree.

John Wyndham was a British author who had a lot of his novels made into to movies. Great sci-fi.

Never trust the British! :irish1:

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