Image of Lucifer?

Hi all. I need to ask you all for an opinion about a very sensitive matter taking place in my home. My wife and I are not very spiritual people. We do not practice any form of religion, nor do we attend church regularly.

Recently, however, we have been having some bazaar experiences in our home (which I will not go into). Until two days ago, I disregarded these experiences as coincidence or oversight on our part. But then, an image of something appeared in the grain of an antique we own (I will attach a picture to this post). When I say “appeared,” I simply mean that we do not believe that it was there before; however, we could be completely wrong. Maybe it was there all along, and we just didn’t notice it until now. Either way, it leaves us with a very cold and threatened feeling. I have been putting a blanket over it at night, as I really do not know how to handle this situation. We really value the antique piece in question, but I do not value it enough to not remove it from my house if need be.

Like I said, we are not very religious people, but I felt that asking here was a step in the right direction. Please tell me that we are being paranoid and this is nothing to be concerned about. I would prefer to go on happily living my life. Thank you for any advice you may have.

P.S. Because I’m a trial member, it will not let me post the image, so I linked it from photo bucket. If you need more pics, I’ll gladly take more and post them by whatever means you suggest. Thanks again.

Have you had your priest over to bless your home? He will sprinkle holy water in each room. There may be an exorcism within the rite (I don’t know).

Whatever it is it sure is spooky looking. I agree with Evan - call your parish priest and have him bless your house.

Did your anomalies start when you have acquired the antique in question? Because if you had the antique before and the anomalies started later, then, logically speaking, the source of the anomalies is NOT connected to the antique.

I would not know if the image is of Lucifer, nor what the bazaar experiences mean but as a practicing Catholic, personally I would talk to my priest and show him the images. Either my priest would be able to help or he would contact someone within the diocese with experience in these matters. However, I notice that as you are agnostic, you may feel a bit uncomfortable about asking for help from a Catholic priest and would like to assure you that a Catholic priest will take you seriously and would not turn you away. For a medical problem you would seek advice from a qualified doctor, so it makes sense to go to the Church which is qualified to deal with spiritual matters.

I pray that you are able to obtain the help that you need as it seems to be a terrifying situation to be in.

PS. That face in the wood, is not the sort of being I would trust or wish to come into contact with.

I think it’s just the grain of the wood. The human brain is designed to pick out familiar patterns (i.e. faces) when there are none. On the other hand it’s never a bad idea to ask a Priest to bless your home :slight_smile:

I can see many diabolical images in the picture; a large face but also a number of smaller ones. Demons are real and can and do attach themselves to inanimate objects. If the object in question had once been in a place where serious sin had been committed such as murder or rape or where occult rituals had been performed then it is not just possible but likely that the item in question has been infested. I would doubt this is actually the devil himself as he generally does not bother with ordinary folk: we are too much like small fry for him. It is more likely a demon who has been delegated a task/role by Satan. Satan’s kingdom of darkness is a hierarchy with ranks of fallen angels i.e. demons. Unlike God, Satan is not omnipresent. He can be in only one place at a time, although he can travel at lightning speed due to his angelic (albeit fallen) nature which he retains.

You say you have had bizarre experiences in the home also. Would these be strange noises and sounds, things appearing to have been moved or knocked over, banging, tapping, scratching noises, temperature changes, a feeling of being watched etc? If so you need to act and the sooner the better.

My advice is to get some holy water from your nearest Catholic church and sprinkle it liberally on the item. Perhaps rub some blessed/holy oil on it for good measure. Depending on the outcome you may wish to ask the local Catholic priest to come to bless your home. It is also extremely important to have a cross in the home, preferably more than one and preferably blessed as well as holy images of Our Lord, His Blessed Mother and the saints. God in His Mercy has, through his Church given us these sacramentals for our benefit and they are highly effective.

It could well be just the grain of the wood. But the problem is, once you’ve related it to an image of the devil, that is probably what you will see every time you look at it - even if it should somehow become obvious that it’s not connected with any of the other bizarre incidents.
I’d get rid of it.

Have you been dabbling in the occult at all? Seers/mediums, Ouija board, new age reading materials, crystals, etc. If so, get rid of every bit of it.

I agree with SJBurgess. While the image is pretty creepy, I don’t think it’s anything demonic, but then again I’m a very skeptical person. :shrug: If the item bothers you that much, get rid of it, clean it with Holy Water, drape a Cross/Rosary over it, etc. Also, you should speak to a priest about it, and about the other bizarre occurrences going on that you mentioned.

That looks quite spooky, and the fact that it is so symmetrical is unusual. As a very minimum I would get some Holy Water, sprinkle it on it and pray the Our Father. Holy water is a very powerful sacramental. Get it from any Catholic Church, just ask the priest, or if he isn’t there, go to the font yourself and fill a small bottle.

You could also use a prayer designed to deal specifically with evil but you may not (quite understandably) be comfortable saying these prayers yourself.

Find a Catholic priest of a traditional mindset and ask him to help. Be aware that some Catholic priests, those with a more ‘progressive’ mindset may not take you as seriously. If you get a less than helpful reaction, then simply go to another Catholic church and ask the priest there.

Personally, I would not be happy with that ‘appearing’ in my house and I would get help.

Hi Scatter13,

I am sorry for any difficulties that you are going through right now.

I agree with the others, regarding going to a priest for help.

That is a very disturbing image in your antique.

The image in the wood is very clear, isn’t it? I can understand why you find it worrying, whatever your beliefs.

I once visited Easter Island, a strange and atmospheric place, and I bought a small carved “statue” and brought it back as a souvenir. I put it in the display cabinet and forgot about it for a while - but I gradually felt that it had a malevolence about it which I found unnerving. Its eyes were intense and I couldn’t bear to look at it.

I told my sister about it and she said she would like it, as she didn’t have the same feelings about it - I think she has it to this day. I still think about it. I can believe that some inanimate objects are not good to be around, however illogical that might seem.

I see an image resulting from the wood grain that would have been there all along.
It is an illusion that in the context of the bizarre things happening in your home, now appears to you.
So why are you seeing it now? Something is going on and it could be any number of things.

It’s called pareidolia.

The entity may well have been there all along and it could be only now that you are seeing it.
I note that you are agnostic and believe this is relevant to what is taking place with regard to your present concerns. You see, the world of the natural/material and the world of the supernatural/immaterial are both equally real. What divides them is kind of veil which ordinarily is firmly closed to human beings but which can, when God permits/wishes, be pulled back to reveal more clearly the reality of the supernatural. God allows this for a number of reasons.

Perhaps God is now allowing you to grasp that the supernatural and spiritual are every bit as real as the world we perceive with the senses. This is a great grace, albeit unnerving to you. For if demons exist then the world of spirit exists, spirits both holy and evil. It is therefore easier for you as an agnostic to believe in God. Jesus clearly believed in demons.

Where did this antique come from? Do you know its history? It could have a demonic attachment I would destroy it if I were you but I am a believer in the demonic and have been involved in hauntings, so to me it it looks demonic or if im suspicious I destroy it

I’d be careful about assuming that this is God’s doing for some higher purpose. Evil can manifest itself for its own evil purposes. It is not only through God that this veil can be lifted, evil can make itself known for its own purposes.


If you read my post carefully you will see that I did not in fact assume anything. This can be seen in my use of the word ‘Perhaps…’. In the absence of all the facts none of us can be sure why this is happening to the OP. However you are correct in that evil has its own ‘agency’ and the occurrence would certainly not be willed by God. The fact still remains however that the evil one can do nothing without God’s permission and God can bring about good out of even the most evil acts.

The OP should still seek out a Catholic priest regardless of how or why this is happening.

Wow, thank you all for the warm reception and advice that you have given me. You are all very kind. I’m at work right now, so I don’t have a lot of time. I will try to take a few more pics later tonight of the actual piece of furniture and answer a few of your questions. Thank you again

If it were me, I would store it in a separate garage or shed for a while and see if these bizaar things quit.

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