Image of Lucifer?

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I will be watching this thread with a great deal of interest.

This wise post makes good common sense. Our minds are hard wired to find patterns. You may be a bit jittery about some of the other issues occurring in your home. It is difficult sometimes for an avowed agnostic to rationalize their own spirituality, which man has naturally. It may be difficult to bring yourself to see a priest, but it is worth discussing with the local diocese. Don’t let any experience tempt you to play with spiritualism as some antidote. By that I mean mediums and other quacks. You may consider priest as quacks, but they don’t bring evil with them. Good Luck.

Having looked at the image again, whatever antique it is, is infested with demons; not just one. Sprinkle it with holy water urgently. Have a priest bless it then BURN it. Whatever it is and whatever it may have been used for, do yourself a favour and get rid of it. Trust me, you do not want this in your house one second longer than you have to. Even if/when you dispose of it you will still need to have both yourself and the house blessed as well as anything that may have been in contact with the object.

You really cannot say this. For starters, Satan doesn’t even have a face. He is a fallen angel, a pure spirit. No body, no face, no mouth, no chin, no horns – except to the degree popular imagery and custom have given him. Secondly, lots of old pieces of furniture are built with matching panels of wood from the same lumber stock. From the supplied picture this appears to be two panels of wood that were joined together with the grain being a mirror image of the other side. This is seen all the time on old furniture and even classic British cars with wooden dashboards.

Brother i myself have had and continue to hove demonic experiences. We must consider the supernatural ( Just saw the picture and my hunch was confirmed) for it, like it or not, exists.
Now your photo… the face resembles that of the Satanic/Luciferian image of Satan. And im sorry to say you both arent safe. I know its hard to believe im an ex atheist and i have an idea what your thinking. I recommend soaking that with holy water. And i mean pour it. As you pour it say several hail marys ten or more. All one can do is pray and meditate, in your case meditate. May the Saints pray for you.

Book matched veneer

Tarpeian Rock

I would agree with you except for two points. (1) I explicitly stated that I felt it was unlikely to be Satan for the reasons I outlined. I said that I believe it was most likely a demon. (2) I can see a number of demonic ‘faces’ in the image, not just the main larger one. If there were just one image I could accept your theory but not when there are multiple images.

I appreciate that it can be difficult to accept that demons can attach themselves to and manifest themselves in physical objects, however many experienced exorcists will tell you that places and things can and do harbour demons. This is known as infestation. Why this happens is a mystery, but it seems that demons like to ‘anchor’ themselves to some physical thing. For instance in the Gospels when Jesus cast the demons out they went into pigs rather than just float about without a host. This indicates their preference to attach themselves to material objects.

You are correct that Satan does not have a ‘face’ as such. As angels, albeit fallen ones, they are pure spirit. Spirits can however, when the occasion arises adopt physical form. In the Bible there are instances where angels took the form of men. Satan and demons more generally can ‘adopt’ a ‘face’ or form in order to manifest to humans. This is well known and attested to by a number of Saints such as St Pio and St Gemma Galgani who both regularly saw demons and the devil in numerous physical guises.

So is there a battle for souls going on? Is there an actual struggle between good and evil, or is it all just a charade with good merely allowing evil? Is a possessed person merely all part of God’s plan? Has God given the demon permission to possess the person?

There is indeed a battle for souls going on all around us every minute of every day. The Bible tells us that the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for whom he may devour. Every person is vulnerable which is why we must watch and pray and put on the armour of God. Some are clearly more vulnerable than others, for example those who persist in serious sin, those who practice or even dabble in the occult etc. By doing such things persons step outside of God’s protection and give Satan a ‘legal’ right to afflict them be it demonic obsession, oppression or possession. Dabbling in or practising the occult or remaining in serious sin is akin to putting up a ‘vacancy’ or ‘welcome’ sign to the devil, in that you are essentially communicating that you have rejected God.

It has been said that God can and does sometimes allow even those in a state of sanctifying grace to become possessed, for example in the case of Anneliese Michel on whom the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” was based. Why God permits this we do not know. It has been suggested that it is so that they can act as victim souls or to expiate the sins of others by their suffering. It must be remembered that even in the case of possession, the devil cannot possess the person’s soul, except in the case of ‘perfect possession’ where the person freely consents to possession and wilfully cooperates in it.

It has also been suggested that he who does not believe in demons does not believe in the Gospel. Jesus, both in word and deed could not have made it clearer that He believed in demons. He performed many exorcisms and commissioned his disciples to engage in spiritual combat, a commission that we too have even now.

Something is quite fishy about the OP, and like gullible fools so many took the bait.

On the off chance that this isn’t a troll thread, have you considered, you know, selling it?

Solely in response to the above, whilst some people may doubt the motives of the questioner (which is their right to do so), does that really merit publicly likening responders to gullible fools"? All of the responders were simply reading the OP, considering the situation and offering virtually the same sound advice i.e. seek help from an expert.

In addition, how do we know whether other people looking at this Thread could be motivated to seek help for similar feelings of unease?

May God bless you.

My response, whatever the motives of the OP and even if he were being less than sincere and acting in bad faith, still stands as it is applicable to all such occurrences and is not dependent on, nor limited to the OP’s situation. The fact remains that demonic infestation is a reality irrespective of the genuineness of the OP- and we have no evidence that he is not acting in good faith in his post.

I pray that you may come to know the love and peace of Christ.

Good evening good catholic. I want to find topic sooner. Please understand that pictures you post is very serious of origin. My English is not well. I it translate with care thank you. The post pictures is of ratio proportion for the entity known of before origin existence. They possess exactly feature of common deity in uncountable arts and spirituality. Many religions has EXACT entity from origin existence before times of Judeo Christian beginning.

Please make caution in contact engagement with entity. Many Catholic have good impression for protect and bless. But DO NOT make exorcism from recipe of internet!

also PLEASE PLEASE do not make burning of relic of origin entity. Many people have interest.

I dont know, I saw the face as soon as I opened the image, and I think you would have seen this a long time ago if it had always been there. it is not some vague image, its a clear and bold image, dont know whether its actually satan though.

Ive read a few things from people in the occult that summoned demons frequently and a couple of them managed to summon satan himself on occasions. they claimed he appeared as a very good looking man in his 20s with curly blond hair, and had a white robe on, they also said sometimes he appeared with white angelic wings, and sometimes with no wings at all.

In my opinion satan and the other fallen angels (now demons) still more than likely look the same as they did when they were angels, as Im not sure they would turn into disgusting monsters with claws and fangs just because they rebelled against God. I think the scary images we create in regards to satan and demons is an attempt to show them as being the enemy and something to be feared.

And what makes people think that angels have “white, angelic wings”? This is not backed up in scripture and is simply another image created by men. Angels in scripture were fearsome beings, not beautiful creatures in white. When angels appeared, people were afraid when they saw them.

Satan may appear in many different forms, he will choose the form that he thinks best suits his evil purposes. He may well appear as a beautiful, charming man is order to suggest to those he appeared to that he is not the evil monster that he truly is. Satan is a liar and a manipulator, he is evil personified. Satan and his demons are the most corrupted of all things, his true nature is vile, twisted and ugly beyond our comprehension. Why would this not also manifest itself in his physical appearance? Illness can disfigure a once physically beautiful person, so why would Satan’s form not be affected by his corrupt, vile, disgusting, spiritual illness?

Hi all. Thank you again for all the replies and concern. I have yet to contact a priest, because quite honestly, I just feel awkward walking into a Catholic church with this story. But my wife and I are strongly considering. I have gotten a few emails and read a post or two that suggest I am trolling or possibly the image is photoshopped, so I just uploaded a video to youtube in case anyone is interested.

I would like to include that video in my original post, but I think the edit feature is disabled. Feel free to move the link if anyone feels compelled. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

Hi guys. Sorry bout the duplicate post, but I think edit is disabled on my original thread. I’ve had a lot of email, facebook, and forum questions about the original image, so I posted a quick video on youtube of the antique furniture. Here is the link

Again, you have all been so helpful. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. You are greatly appreciated. I will let you know if my wife and I decide to seek a priest and maybe you all can point us in the right direction.

Still really scary. I’m not sure it’s demonic but…i couldn’t have that in my house.

First, “Lucifer” is not the name of the Evil One, but a nickname sarcastically given
by Isaiah to King Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon, if you read whole of Chapter Four-
teen in Isaiah, thought you’d might like to know.

As for the face, don’t worry about it, unless you witness poltergeist activity, wood
just does strange things sometimes, forget about it, relax. There was an episode
of Penn & Tell: Bull$#+* titled Signs from Heaven, in which we learn about a few
silly coincidental pareidolic signs attributed to God. On a bathroom door in one
home has these wood knots interpreted as the Eyes of God, and another one
other design which a mother and son can’t agree on, mother says Mary, son
says Jesus. In that episode there’s “Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich.”
We see many things in random designs and so forth, that is all part of the
human experience.

But let’s assume a moment that the face is real, like there’s real significance to it.
Why “Lucifer”? Could be Jesus. Could be a saint or angel. I recommend, however,
that you just consider this to be a case of pareidolia, until again, you start to wit–
ness poltergeist activity.

Not to seem rude, but any “image” that may be there looks likethe title character from Beauty & the Beast. Demons are real, but …

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