Image of Lucifer?

I had a “scary face” in the woodgrain of my closet doors in my childhood bedroom. I saw it as natural art. I think your “face” is natural art too.

But…if that cabinet starts to walk backwards up the wall while it curses you in latin. I think you know how to build a campfire, right?

Please look up the term pareidolia. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page.

First of all, that is a lovely piece of furniture.

Secondly, I wouldn’t be concerned about seeing faces in grains of wood, and certainly not in stimulating paranoia in my mind that something diabolical is attached to my furniture. A lot of very sane, educated, and well-meaning Catholics will see the devil underneath every rock and every pillow, and I think they may be giving too much of their thoughts and their time to such subjects.

As a general rule, said only partially tongue-in-cheek: don’t attribute things in your life to the diabolical until *after *you’ve been unable to restrain yourself from seeing a psychiatrist. Feeling that you’ve slipped into insanity and require medical attention is usually the very least of the sort of thing that accompanies the demonic.

Thirdly, please do feel free check out apologist Trent Horn should you become interested in understanding why Catholics believe in God! You can find many radio shows of his on the main page of this Apostolate.

This is not a youtube address.

I assure you it is. I dont know why they changed it to that for a direct link. I think it happened after google bought them. Anyway, heres another. It looks a bit safer lol

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