Image of the Blessed Sacrament in a Monstrance?


hello everyone,

I am very devoted to visiting Our Lord in the blessed sacrament and try to make it everyday, but I wont be able to now due to school and work. I had one idea, is it considered sinful to photograph the Blessed Sacrament, frame the picture and pray before the picture? I know it won't have the same effect, but I think it would be considered a "picture of Jesus" right?

I am just basically wondering if it was okay to keep a framed image of the blessed sacrament in a monstrance on my prayer altar and adore our lord in the blessed sacrament that way.

thanks for any answers!!


I’m sure your love of Christ will be recognised.

Love God with all your heart.

Pray, hope and don’t worry!

Remember though a photograph of something is not the thing itself.


Technically, you don’t “adore” a picture. But sure, it’s great to have a painting or a photo or a statue to remind you of Our Lord’s Real Presence, even when you can’t go to Adoration. There used to be quite a lot of devotion to pictures of the Blessed Sacrament (often shown being held by angels, adored by angels, held by a priest in a cope, etc.). And this is why there have been some webcams of Adoration Chapels since webcams started, practically.

So yeah, don’t feel weird about it. Having a picture of the Blessed Sacrament for use in prayer is perfectly normal and has plenty of precedent.


Since you are a student, I hope you have a connection to the internet at home?
If you do, there is a slew of live "online adoration ", here are the few I could find out. (used it myself before, but now for I cannot see the video, you may be more successful in that endeavor)
Hopefully it helps.


It is wonderful to venerate holy images, however, it is not the same thing as Eucharistic adoration. The veneration of images can stir up piety and adoration for God but, you cannot adore/worship an image. Christ’s substantial presence in the Eucharist cannot be photographed. It would be a picture of the accidents/appearance of bread. Christ is not really present in a photo (or even live web streaming) of bread. Therefore, while it can be venerated as a holy image like other holy images, Christ is in no way substantially present in the photo. Treat the photo like you would other pictures of Christ. :slight_smile:


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