Image of the Virgin Mary on a photograph?

Ok, so I was going through one of my mom’s books one day and I stumbled upon a loose photograph in a book that has a ghostly image of the Vrigin Mary on it. The reason I say “ghostly” is because she almost entirely transparent except for her hands. It seems to be old and developed by a film camera before digital cameras took over in 1999. She is peacefully looking downward while holding what looks like three rosarys in a garden background. On her chest there is something that looks like a heart with a cross on top of it. There is also something beneath it, but I cant tell what it is.

Later, I talked to my mother about it, and she said that she didnt know anything about it except that it was my aunt’s. So I called up my aunt and she told me that she had gotten the picture from a friend. Apparently, there was a man who had arranged his garden into a “rosary garden” with flowers. But when he took a picture of it, the Virgin Mary appeared instead. So this guy apparently made a bunch of copies through his film camera and gave one to my aunt’s friend, who in turn, gave it to my aunt, who gave it to my mom.

I was wondering if this picture could really be authentic or not. I dont think this was photoshopped becuase its an old photoograph that seems to be developed from a film camera. Then again, I really dont know anything about photography. On the back of the photograph you can find “Fujifilm” and “Picto paper” if that says anything about it.

I will scan the photograph and try to post it on here if I can. I just wanted to know your thoughts on the matter and if it could be possibly fake or not.

God Bless!



It looks like the image was accidentally superimposed - this sometimes happened when the film in a camera did not wind on correctly between exposures. I have several examples of this in my family’s old photo albums - there is one of my grandparents in their garden and superimposed on that is a picture of my great grandmother looking down disapprovingly at them!

It really doesn’t look like a photo of a real woman, more like a statue.

was your superimposed photograph solid and transparent at the same time?

Very interesting. I agree that it’s not photo-shopped. The other explanation, of a superimposed image seems plausable, but I’d like to hear from an expert in photography.

I also give credence to the family story behind the photograph, which discounts the “superimposed image” theory. You’d be closest to the people involved, and may be able to judge how reliably the story has been handed down.

Keeping an open mind :slight_smile:

Ya, im going to have to contact her again soon about this

Ok, I have not contacted my aunt again about the photograph, but after hours of searching the internet for clues about this photograph, I came upon this website!

Apparently there are similar photographs like the one I have.

hmm, but the strange thing is, they all seem to be the same photograph, but with different tone and texture and background stories. I dont know what to make of this.

Hmmmm :hmmm:

Photo does not look authentic at all. I looked on the webdite - and many of the photo’s were taken at the Medjegurie fraud.

I believe. :byzsoc:

The photograph may be fake, but I would not discount it for that. All the photographs on that website had conflicting background stories, it may have not been taken at Medjegurie, for all we know.

That’s what I saw too. It makes me suspicious.

Spooky number of posts offset by your statement!:slight_smile:

Sorry for changing the question: I always received some messages at my church from medjegurie. But I didnt know it a fraud, please explain to me… :confused:

Stay away from Medjugorje. It is not approved, and has some things directly opposed to the faith. Most troubling - The “apparition” said that all religions are the same, and none of the “seers” went into religious life despite their visions. Makes no sense.

Read these posts - 1 2 and 3.

Ohh my… Thank you for the warning :thumbsup:
God Bless

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