Images and pictures

I receive so many requests for money from different charities. I can’t afford to support all of them. Is it okay to throw these away especially those with images of saints on their envelopes or letters?

I shred my name and address. If there are holy pictures I either give them away or burned them (when I was in the old house). Now I’m in a condo and have to find a fire pit that will be OK.

You may throw them away. No need to burn them, they are not blessed in most cases.

But you could also leave them inside church if they are the size of prayer cards. Our churches often have cards or rosaries left behind for others to enjoy, or to encourage devotion to a certain saint.


I get the impression that they are just printed on to the envelopes and letters, so most likely have print on the back. In other words they are illustrations not holy picture cards in the usual sense…

I would have no hesitation in throwing them away in the same way as I throw away Christmas cards if the pictures on them aren’t suitable for me to cut up and make ‘Welcome’ ’ cards for visitors to our parish with Mass times etc .on.

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