Images of Blessed Virgin Mary "beating the devil"


From Father “Z’s” blog:



That’s great I like seeing these types of photos.

Here’s a another good one.


I love these.

Our Lady beating the devil with a club definitely captures my feelings lately.


Here she is punching him.


Hail Mary
Full of grace
Punch the devil in the face


Go get him, Mama!!! Beat the Devil!!!


:laughing::raised_hands:That’s funny!


Ooooooo, NICE right hook!!!


I’ve seen about half of these before but it looks like Fr Z unearthed a few new ones. Nice!


“Here Gabriel, hold the baby while I go all WWE on Satan”



This all reminds me of this article:

An interesting title based on St. Pope Pius X’s encyclical Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum “And thus once again is justified what the Church attributes to this august Virgin that she has exterminated all heresies in the world. ” ( Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum , 22)

All these images of Mama Maria are very relevant to today. Remember to say your rosaries :slight_smile:


Woohoo! Get him, Mama!!! Sock it to him, Mama!!!

“How dare you do that to my children!!! I’ll show you what for…!!! Take that!!! And that!!! And that!!! Don’t you run from me!!! Lemme show you how this girl fights!!!”



I wonder if they have something similar in different languages.


I’m saving that image! What a Mama we have! Who knew…? :kissing_heart::smile::+1:t3::pray:t3::innocent:

It’s always the quiet ones, isn’t it…?


Apparently, Mary doesn’t need to “beat the devil.” According to St. Bernadette, a mere simple glance from the Queen of Heaven was more than enough to silence him. From the book Saint Bernadette Soubirous: 1844-1879, by Abbe Francois Trochu:

On the way back to the Petits-Fosses, Bernadette revealed how at a certain moment the Apparition seemed different from before. Suddenly loud yells, belched from the Gave, had rent the sacred silence of Massabielle. They ‘challenged, crossed, collided with one another, like the clamour of a brawling crowd’. One voice, more furious than the rest, dominated them all and roared out: ‘Get out of here! . . . Get out of here!’ Bernadette guessed rightly that the threatening curse was by no means addressed merely to her humble self, but was an attack directed beyond her to the Vision of Light standing above the eglantine.

The Vision merely glanced in the direction of the rushing stream. This single look, one of sovereign authority, reduced the invisible mob to silence: the enemy of all good would not drive her from the grotto where she gave her audiences.



looks like BVM is going to cut “the devil’s” head off in about two seconds



Here’s a good one. It love how it shows that she is serious in protecting her children.

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