'Imagine No Religion' Billboards Hit Detroit

The first few billboards promoting atheism are up in the Metro-Detroit area with more signs on the way next month, announced the group sponsoring the signs.

In total, seven large billboards reading “Imagine No Religion” or “Praise Darwin: Evolve Beyond Belief” will be erected at locations around the city. The billboard designs feature the phrases written in calligraphy against a stained-glass window background, like those found in churches.

The signs are part of a campaign by Freedom from Religion Foundation, which has placed similar billboards in over 10 states and more than 30 cities. Currently, “Imagine No Religion” billboards are up in Indianapolis and suburban St. Louis. Next month, the group plans a “billboard blitz” in Las Vegas.

In addition to billboards, the foundation currently has 75 large bus displays in San Francisco that read “Imagine No Religion” or Mark Twain’s “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.”

There are another 200 interior signs around the city with quotes by famous nonbelievers such as Richard Dawkins and Butterfly McQueen, who played Prissy in “Gone With the Wind.”

“This is an attempt at balancing the media messages of religion aimed at believers with some percentage aimed at unbelievers,” said Paul Pearson, a member of the Michigan FFRF. “Letting unbelievers and those with healthy skeptical doubt know FFRF exists can give knowledge and comfort.”

A recent report shows that the number of nonreligious Americans, or “nones,” is on the rise. Nones now make up 15 percent of the total adult U.S. population and the statistic is even higher among young people. The percentage of Nones has increased from 8.1 percent of the adult population in 1990 to 15 percent, according to the findings from the American Religious Identification Survey.

Freedom from Religion Foundation reports having a membership of 14,000 atheist and agnostic members across the country, including over 400 in Michigan.


*Thanks for this thread. It sure has opened my eyes! I wonder how many tears are being shed by God! May He have mercy on us all !
God Bless!
Angel Face

This is very sad for me to read about… what a pitiful state we are in. So many youngsters in their 20’s were raised without religion and this will only cause them to think that they are on the right track.

For some people it will have a “reverse psychology” affect and these people will hopefully rise up and post some PRO Religion billboards. We have those kind of billboards in Eastern PA, I’m happy to say. But I’m almost afraid to say it, for fear this group will come to our neck of the woods, no doubt.

I understand there are a lot of zealous Muslims in the Michigan area, and I’ve heard their big beef with America is that it is so materialistic and anti-God. I wonder what those Muslims will do when they see these billboards?

God help us. It can be tough to be positive when one reads about this. God always prevails!


Like Michigan really needs this right now.
Depending on where they are placed they might get vandalized…

This is sad. Detroit is running toward the cliff with its fingers in its ear.

“Imagine No Religion”? Don’t have to imagine it. Look at this world right now, we’re pretty darn close. And the results are not pretty. :frowning:

I never could understand why so many atheists feel the need to evangelize like this. What is their goal, to get converts?

“Imagine No Religion”

Imagine no Detroit.

Although the initial sarcasm may not be the best response.
I find it telling that Michigan is the hardest state hit by the recession, and the atheists are choosing this specific time to spread their word.

Does anyone else here see a plan unfolding?

Two words. Soviet Union. (as in they banned religion, and it didn’t turn out so well for them).

What is our goal then?

Seriously, while things like this do bother me as a devout Catholic, I sometime ask myself what the difference between an atheist type organization, or a Christian one, putting up a billboard on a highway, or the side of a bus is. In my area, NE PA, we have quite a few religious\biblical type of billboards, signs advertisements etc. around the area. Of course I’m OK with this, I LOVE seeing it, but, if I put myself in the shoes of a non-believer for even one second, I can see how it would offend them, the same way I am offended by the types of signage discussed in the OP.

In the end, I pretty much imagine God chuckling at it to be honest. To think back in history at the many, many battles good has won over evil, I hardly think a few signs on a highway, or the side of a bus, are going have that much effect on the ultimate outcome. :slight_smile:

I agree about the discomfort that comes from any kind of evangelism. However, I think its necessary–the alternative is to say, really, that it doesn’t matter what people believe. As long as we believe (1) that we know the truth and (2) that knowing the truth is important, we cannot cease our efforts. Unfortunately, that same logic applies–and should apply–to the atheists, and I fully understand their reasoning. I daresay that passionate atheism is less dangerous than utter relativism, and to the extent that these billboards are asserting that there is a correct belief and that it is important to hold that belief, I would rather have such debate than have our society quietly drift into a state where beliefs don’t matter.

So what? Let them waste their money.

This’ll backfire. Detroit has been devastated by the loss of jobs. People who have a cross to carry don’t want to hear this nonsense.

Detroit is what? No one asked any Detroiters about their permission to put up these billboards.


Yes, it is. The goal is to grow the membership to build a bigger voting block. In an article published in a Detroit newspaper, a spokesman for the group behind the billboards said that religion stands in the way of gay marriage and that the anti-abortion movement is a religious crusade. They want to legalize sin, believing that atheism provides them with “freedom.” Just like John Lennon was characterized as being supportive of Communism when he sang those words, this group is also supportive of Communism.


That’s a fair point, Ed,

One can hope.
But it has been my experience that when people carry a cross for an extended period of time, they begin to doubt if there is a God out there carrying the greater portion of it.

The atheists making these billboards are attempting to prey upon people at the worst possible time of their lives.

There is a special place in hell for people that act as this.
I hope none of them ever see it.

While atheists are putting up their ignorant signs, the Church across Detroit is helping the newly jobless who need food and shelter.

Your comments are so true, edwest2. When you think about it, what happen to John Lennon when he denied God? Just a thought.
God Bless!
Angel Face

As if that place couldn’t become anymore godless. What’s in it for them though? Why waste money in a city that is already filled with immorality? It’s like trying to light a fire next to forest fire. Why not target a city like Nashville where religious values are more abundant?

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