Imagine Sisters Movement

Nuns are awesome!
But you probably already knew that.

A couple people I know started a Facebook page and website dedicated to spreading the word on women’s vocations–especially on college campuses. They want others to know more about religious sisters and gather resources for young women discerning, which includes university chapters of women discernment groups. They call it the Imagine Sisters Movement.

Here is the Facebook page and website:

Both the Facebook page and the website have a great Youtube video on this.

Personally, I think this is amazing that college students are taking the initiative to get the word out about women’s vocations, which many people honestly don’t hear too much about. This is the New Evangelization!

Seeing things like this make me want to scream “I LOVE BEING CATHOLIC!” and gets me excited for the future of the Church.

Thought I would share this with you.
And please share this with everyone you know.

I saw this already and it looks fantastic. I hope they bring it to the UK!

WOW, I had no idea it made it across the pond!

It’s things like this that really make me excited to be Catholic. The Church is wonderful!

It’s beautiful! Now we need an “Imagine Diocesan Hermits Movement” and “Imagine Consecrated Virgins” Movement and “Imagine Secular Institutes” movement! After all, they are underrepresented women’s vocations on campuses! Probably more so than sisters! And while we’re at it, “Imagine Permanent Deacons” and “Imagine Monks” movements…

we know this! :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this! i just liked your page on facebook! i am discerning the call to religious life and i am going on a retreat to a Poor Clare monastery next week! Thank you! it is so great to know that our brothers and sisters in christ are helping out in this particular part of the Church, she needs young people who love their faith and are doing whatever they can to fulfill her needs in this time suffering! Go NUNS!

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