Imagine Sisters movement


Very cool video! Neat Facebook page too.

Sounds fantastic!

Was the first girl discerning religious life? She’s very pretty so whoever is behind their marketing did a great job. Now I want to be a nun!

Here is their Facebook page

Here is their Twitter page

And here is their “Imagine Sisters Contributor Form”

We are looking for website content from our supporters in order to help young people understand the vocation and the beautiful life of sisters!

Would you like to help young people all over the world understand the vocation to the consecrated life as a sister? Are you a priest or sister with helpful information? Youth minister that can talk about the value of sisters or vocations? Take a look at the contributor title drop-down below and let us know where you’re coming from!

Does anyone here have one of their highly sought after T-shirts?

(click on picture to make larger)

Just found about the movement today myself.


I’m so glad you shared it with us. Thank you! :slight_smile:



I was thrilled to find it. I really feel that an increase in the numbers of faithful religious sisters will go a long way towards helping the Faith in our country, and around the world.

More awesomeness

The blue t-shirt, which I posted earlier, is now on sale (but there are only limited quantities)

I am obsessed with the Imagine Sisters movement! It is so important!

Agreed, 100%. An increase in the numbers and profile of holy and faithful sisters in today’s world can only be a very good thing.

Love it:thumbsup:

It absolutely is!

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