Imagine That


Last night I was informed that I was nominated for Parish council. Not one nomination, like many of the candidates, but many times over. When I refused, they asked why. I told them I’m not Catholic!

Imagine that, a former Catholic running for Parish Council! Imagine a congregation that thinks he would make a good representative! Heaven help us all.



Perhaps “someone” is telling you it’s time to settle down and find that home! :smiley:





Yeah just return to the Church. They may be right, you could be a great representative.


Thank you, no. I pretty much just go for the donuts. That said, it beats sitting home alone waiting for the wife and kids on Sunday.



you wouldn’t be the first person to come for the donuts, sweets to the sweet, we’ll leave the light on for you.


A friend of mine was on various parish committees for decades including the parish council before eventually becoming Catholic. He always did a good job.


You got picked? Was there a swim-suit component? :o

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