Imam in US threatens Hirsi Ali with death


In the Pittsburgh Tribune see

That’s right, here in the US of A, Imam ElBayly of the Johnstown Islamic Center stated that Ms. Ali should be killed. She was speaking at the University of Pittsburgh. The local islamic groups tried to stop her from speaking, so much for freedom of religion and speech. He said she should be tried in a muslim country and if found guilty should be killed. He believes this is what should happen to apostates or those who “defame” islam. I love this quote, “It is a very merciful religion if you try to understand it.” LOL, right after he says to kill her he says that!

This man needs to be deported back to Egypt immediately. If you live in Pennsylvania see what you can do. Let’s kick this guy out of our country, after he does time for terroristic threatening.


There are some interview videos of Ayaan Hirsi Ali posted in YouTube, including this one.


Hey I’m sure it was all taken “out of context” :rolleyes:


its too bad, without realizing it they do the most harm to Islam


No, this shows us the true face of islam. A scowl of hate and violence. It is a religion that brings only death.


I wish I could be surprised.


Notice the lack of muslim outrage. If a Christian says something they don’t like they go nuts and riot. Here we get…nothing. And they wonder why we don’t believe the “religion of peace” garbage.


Still no outrage from muslims at this “hijacking” of their religion?


I think he is just a ignorant man! Cute from the same mold of his past family generations of ignorant peoples…
I think he should be ostracized from his Islamic community!

I read her book, however she has many misinterpretations about Islam. Her book is very cultural Islam, and not a dependable source of Islam.


She lived islam as it is. She seems quite intelligent and educated. This imam won’t suffer from the islamic community at all, they all secretly agree with him. If I am wrong about that then those who disagree seem very very very quiet.

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