Imams fly the friendly skies


By now you’ve heard of the 6 Islamic imams who complained about being detained and taken off an aircraft in MN. If you listened to them you would think it was horrible. Ah, but the real story is on

What did they really do?

  1. They prayed loudly and shouted “Allah!” on the concourse and on the plane. You don’t see priests saying Masses on board or fundamentalists leading revival services. They knew exactly what they were doing.
  2. They switched from their assigned seats, 2 snuck into 1st class.
  3. They moved seats to cover all the exits of the aircraft, a classic terrorist move.
  4. They asked for seat belt extensions, but put the belts and buckles on the floor…weapons perhaps?
  5. They spoke in Arabic and in English they made comments praising Osama bin Laden and of hatred for America.
  6. Their behavior was registered as a “terrorist probe” of the US airline industry. Guess they were doing some homework for Osama.

They shouldn’t have even been allowed to board. Would you have wanted to fly with them? They did this on purpose. We absolutely should profile Muslims and this shows us why. If you act this way you will get the attention you deserve. I would move to deport everyone of those imams. So don’t be taken in when you hear the pc version of the story.


That really is scary.

Even if they are innocent of being terrorists, what is their reason behind placing the extension seat belts on the floor?

As the bottom line says, “Aviation security officials said thousands of Muslims fly every day and conduct prayers in airports in a quiet and private manner without creating incidents.”

I can’t believe there were people who protested the airline’s decision.

Do people really become blinded by the fight for equality that they cant see failure of logic?




That really is sad, it should all be balanced.


Safety comes first. I’d rather a billion people be offended than a single person be killed. If in doubt then take precautions. Muslims have to understand that due to the actions of their co-religionists people are right to be scared, or at least apprehensive, of them. There are many people who already suffer from a fear of flying. Fear of terrorism is nothing to be ashamed of.


I wouldn’t want them on my plane. Nope.


It was the 6 men’s actions, not their religion, that made people nervous. Obviously, if their prayer before boarding was upsetting to people, no one else would have boarded. However, their actions of moving around the aircraft, speaking derogatorily of the US and praising bin Laden, asking for seat-belt extension and then not using them----all of this made others wary and afraid.

And the way people speak in an airport and on a plane has been under review for at least 30-40 years. Since the late 60’s–early 70’s at least one did not make “jokes” about planes being hijacked to Cuba. If a person were so foolish to do so, he could expect to be denied entrance to the plane or removed therefrom, and also be put under penalty of law.

Actually, I think this incident is making a lot of people think that CAIR and other muslim organizations are not promoting loyalty to America with the muslim population. Before this, I think many ordinary people did think that CAIR was like the Anti-Defamation Leagues that Jews and Catholics have formed. In this respect, the incident has probably hurt CAIR more than helped.

And since the actions of the imams are suspect, I will be making sure to keep track of what type of legislation may be coming before our elected leaders in Congress. And I will be writing to ask that our airline security remains in the final analysis with the captain of the airplane.



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