Imitation: Book 1 and 2; plus death

My wife’s aunt passed away and we had her funeral today. As I look at her family, her children and grandchildren, I cannot help but worry for her/their souls. Then I came across these…(below)…I look at my own life, and my children and then wonder how far from God am I really? I, like most, think I’m right there, doing the right thing, living the right way, but am I? Anyway, I thought they would be good for everyone to read, hopefully some conversations will start up, but if not, I’m just glad you read them.

Imitation: Book 1, Chapter 24
Of Judgement and punishment of sinners.
In all things look to the end and how you will stand before the strict judge, from Whom there is nothing hid, Who takes no bribes, receives no excuses, but will judge that which is just. O miserable sinner, O foolish sinner, what will you answer to God, Who knows all your evil deeds, you who are sometimes afraid of an angry man? Why don’t you provide yourself against the day of judgement? When no man can be excused or defended by another, but each one will have enough to answer for himself?

Imitation: Book 2, Chapter 5
He that should well and justly weigh his own doings would find little cause to judge harshly of another.

Thank you for sharing this. God bless you.


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