Imitation of Christ - Kempis


I see many different editions of “Imitation of Christ” by Kempis. What is the difference between these editions? Are the words the same?


Different translations. Some are more traditional while others are “watered-down.” I have a version translated by Leo Sherley-Price. It’s not at all “watered-down.” Get a good Catholic version. Better yet, get a couple versions and see which you like the best. There is another one translated by Clare L. Fitzpatrick that is also good Catholic translation.

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I got it for a confirmation candidate at the local Catholic bookstore, I hope it’s a good Catholic version! Thanks. I also got him Christian Prayer, and am thinking about the collected works of St. John of the Cross…


I recommend that you get the imitation of Christ from Baronius Press, they specialize in traditional Catholic Book as does Tan Books. I wouldn’t get it from Angelus Press though. I refuse to support the SSPX


I just recently bought " Imitation of Christ" from the religious catalogue on the EWTN website. The translation is from the original Latin by the Rev. Richard Channer(1691-1781). Baronius Press
I find it a beautiful book and not difficult to read. I think it must be from the author’s exact words, as the words sound much like how people spoke at the time he wrote it.



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