"Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus"


Has anyone ever read this book? :slight_smile:

it’s quite a read…very long… I’m trying to get through it now. But I think it’s very good :slight_smile: it’s written as a conversation between Jesus and the soul, on various topics… it’s mostly about how to grow in holiness. It has some great advice and at times it’s really moving. As far as I know it’s not based on any private revelation but was put together by the author (a priest) based on Scripture and Church teachings. It’s by TAN publishers and got the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. :thumbsup:

anyway, just wondering if anyone read it, and it’s a good book.



Is this what you want?


oh that is De Montfort :slight_smile: (who is great! I love his books too).
but the one I meant was this:
I think it’s available online somewhere too… (I’ll check now)



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