Immaculate Conception

I’m new here and I’m sure this question has been ask before but I would appreciate your thoughts on this subject. Since it is Church Doctrine that the Blessed Mother was born without sin is it also correct to believe that the birth of our Lord was free pain , no orginal sin.

There are two camps…in short, we don’t know for sure.

My suspicion is that she felt it.

that was the belief of my Parrish priest today, Thank you

Our Lord never sinned and yet He suffered. So it doesn’t follow that lack of sin necessarily means lack of suffering.

yea… it says that her labor pains would be increased…so she felt it. Since she was a member of the human race… I suspect she did. The promise of God was to put emnity between satan and the woman (to preserve Mary from sin)…but I think the increase in pain in child bearing remains.

But the church has not definitivley though because it has not been revealed.

God bless

That’s a good point. Genesis 3 implies that childbirth was a painful event even before the Fall.

Thank you for the responses so far they have been very helpful… Love in Jesus and Mary

I notice you connect the idea of there being no pain with the immaculate conception. I would like to suggest that you also think about the connection of no pain during birth to the doctrine that Mary was a Virgin during the birth of Christ. I think some Church Fathers might have made such reference, or at least reference to the birth being miraculous, so it is worth thinking about both connections.

As far as I know, a Catholic is free to hold either opinion on pains in the birth.

Yes I have read some statements in that regard, in all my readings the Blessed Mother is always referred to a a Sacried Vessel, pure in mind and body. Anytime we think of Our Blessed Mother it is a pleasing spiritual thought. Life of the Blessed Mother by Ven… Ann Catherine Emmerich visions, it is a great read, very detailed, that has been verified to some extent by physical evidence.

Jesus suffered by the design of God, for the forgiveness of our sins. We suffer because we sin, Jesus’s Passion was an act of giving himself up for us, The Lamb of God… My sin are usually selfish in nature. I’m not sure your analogy applies here.

Great suggestion, thank you.

Could you expand on this for me.

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