Immaculate Heart, bring us peace


Our Lady of the Rosary, in your appearances to the children of Fatima, you gave as the “only” means to a period of peace the consecration of Russia to your Immaculate Heart by the Bishops, led by Peter; solemnly, publicly, and at one time; for the conversion of that nation. Otherwise, Russia would be used as God’s instrument of chastisement, leading to the “annihilation of nations.” As God wishes to establish devotion to your Immaculate Heart in the world, inflame all hearts with the desire to honor and emulate your perfect purity of intent. You, Dolorous Virgin, were pierced with a “sword of sorrow that the thoughts of all may be revealed.” Reveal and expose all thoughts to the cleansing fire of love which is your Son Jesus Christ’s Sacred Heart.

***Bring Christian unity and Christ’s peace by perfecting all hearts in loving obedience, and effecting the soon-coming consecration of Russia and her conversion. Lavish upon us the miracle of conversion of all hearts and especially Russia, who has suffered the buffets of satanic atheism and impoverishing materialism, and bring us, for God’s honor and glory, His triumph promised through you. Hear our prayer and receive our thanks in aiding us in all ways, dearest Mother, and tenderly embrace your Son and our Brother, Jesus Christ; your Spouse and our Advocate, the Holy Spirit; and your and our Father Eternal in our name as Queen of Angels and Mother of Mankind, the victorious Immaculate Heart. ***


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