Immaculate Heart of Mary Dream?


Hi everyone,

I had this really vivid dream last night. It’s pretty religious, and I don’t want to go look in Freud or whoever else’s dream interpertation book.

This is what happened:

I was with two young women, about the same age as me. We were in a cemetary, and there was a section for graves of infants. We were standing there, and all of a sudden, one of the people takes a large hammer begins destroying the graves, breaking the stone into rubble. She does it for like ten minuites, then the other woman cries out "STOP IT!"
The other person snaps back, "Who gives you the power to say that?"
and the woman says "The Immaculate Heart of Mary"
Then I saw an image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It’s a familiar image, I have a holy card of it and it’s hanging in my aunt’s house. I woke up after that.

Can someone explain this to me?



Sorry, I can’t explain that. But, I do think you are lucky you saw Mary in your dream!! :slight_smile: It should mean something good , I think. My friend once had a dream about Mary also. She was having trouble with her boyfriend, and in her dream, Mary shook her head no about him. He ended up not being the good guy she thought he was, and ended up marrying another man. At the time, she didn’t think it was a good dream, but now she thinks so!


Oh my! That is similar my situation. I’m having trouble with my boyfriend too. And I’ve been wanting to get closer to Mary.



The Bible covers a span os 2000 years of human history.

There are fewer than a dozen dreams in it of any spiritual significance.

Why should YOUR dream be among these exceptions?


Sounds like a nudge to do some work for the Pro Life movement. Even if my interpretation is wrong, it wouldn’t do any harm. I had a vivid dream a few years ago that was also very religious, the thing that stuck out with it was the strong feelings I had upon waking up, it was not an ordinary dream at all, how were you feeling afterwards?


wow that’s very interesting… I don’t know for sure what it means, of course, but the first thing I thought of was abortion and the pro life movement. I believe that this is something that’s close to Our Lady’s Heart because she herself is a Mother… God bless


I’ve had experiences with strange dreams and spiritual phenomena too. Sometimes these things are deliberately encryptic. Do you have a spiritual director or confessor you can speak to about the dream? They would probably be the best person to explain this dream to you.

I love what St. John Bosco’s Grandma said to him after his first dream(St. John Bosco had many divine dreams.) John Bosco was confused and was asking what his family thought it meant. His mother said that perhaps he would be a priest some day. But his Grandma said that he should not believe in dreams(or something like that, I can’t remember it exactly.) I think that’s the wisest thing anyone said that day. :slight_smile:


I don’t think probability really proves anything when we discuss spiritual things… because they are not subject to probability but God’s will. I mean, someone could have said the same thing to St Joseph?? yet we KNOW his dream was from God… of course our dreams would never be as important or prophetic as his, but what I mean is, we can’t rule out the possibility that they’re more than just dreams.


I agree about talking to a spiritual director…

sometimes dreams are from God, but other times they’re merely psychological, and sometimes they can even be from the devil.


To my mind the key to your dream was the question and the answer.

“Who gives you the power to say that?”

“The Immaculate Heart of Mary”

Is there anything going on in your life that is making you feel particularly powerless? Something you want to do or feel you ought to do, but you just don’t feel like you have the strength, or the power, or the authority to do it?

Call on the Immaculate Heart of Mary and invoke her power and authority to take the issue to Christ.

THen come back here and tell us what happened.


Yes. Very much.
A close friend who I was also dating is leaving the Church. He says he has no religion any more, and the Catholic Church is full of lies. He won’t listen to his family, and everyone is sort of pointing to me to get through to him. I have had no luck. I’ve been praying earnestly to God for his conversion. Every day, it’s all I want. But I don’t feel like I’m strong enough to deal with him. He scares me. But I have this enormous faith in my heart that God will take care of him.

I will say a rosary tonight, and ask Mary to help him and me.



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