Immenent MP on TLM reported in Reuters

Heres the link:

I think the bit about Latin harming Church relations with Jews is absolute bunk.

Thu Jun 28, 2007 2:50PM
That is OLD NEWS…:smiley:

I think the bit about Latin harming Church relations with Jews is absolute bunk.

I think it has to do with the one of the prayers of Good Friday for the “perfidious Jews.” The word perfidious means “treacherous/faithless” and is pretty harsh. I’d say that would not be conducive toward friendship with our Jewish brethren.

Kind of moot, since perfidious is not in the 1962 missal anyways.

I know that in the NO there’s a prayer for the Jews and I have an older Missal (pre 1962) that has the “perfidis,” so did the change occur in the 1962 Missal? What does it say in the 1962 version?

Yes, that was a mistransaltion–the Latin word doesn’t have the same harshness and treachery implied in the English.

Does it really matter, since Jews do not attend Mass anyways?

It they did, perhaps they would be converting, God willing, in the future, but since they do not, who cares what they believe. They are the faithless ones for not accepting Christ.

I am not an angry person, just telling it how it is.


we should be praying for the Jews to convert as well as for christian unity and the return of our Protestant brothers to the Holy Mother Church.

This reminds of the good friday readings, they were reading the Passion according to St. John I think, n instead of saying “Jews”, the reader kept replacing it with “them”. I dont think we’re allowed to change teh words of the Gospel, right? just because we’re afraid that it’ll offend some people, you cant change the words of the Gospel.

The whole controversy was an attempt by liberals to fling dirt on the TLM and by the time the MP is issued the TLM will be smeared and filthy in the eyes of the average joe.

The fact is it is nothing but grasping at straws. It is a non issue

My 1962 St. Joseph’s Missal says it is “unfaithful Jews”. Either way, I would think that his prayer would be removed from the Good Friday liturgy.

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