Immigrant Tent Cities Under Fire


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Despite its spartan conditions, the facility in Willacy County, 260 miles south of Austin, is a key to President Bush’s drive to create a channel for temporary foreign workers and a path toward legalization for as many as 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.

To do so, the government must convince skeptics that it can credibly enforce laws aimed at illegal immigrants and their employers, and can hold and deport those caught by the U.S. Border Patrol. At the same time, the administration and its allies argue that even additional detention beds will be overwhelmed without new channels for legal immigration.

My first thought is “boy, it would really stink to break the law and have to live in those conditions…maybe I shouldn’t cross the border illegally.” My second is that this is a necessary step, as stated above. We have to be able to enforce the border *and *change the channels of immigration as the president is calling for.

Also, there is some very positive news in this report:

With the new beds, the administration has imprisoned and deported virtually 100 percent of non-Mexicans caught since August, under faster proceedings that deny hearings to all but asylum seekers.

The administration says this has deterred many others. After quadrupling over four years, the number of non-Mexicans apprehended fell 35 percent in 2006, to 108,026.


Other than the health code violations and somewhat limited access to lawyers, I’m all for it.


Gosh, how is this much different than the living arrangements many Americans have to suffer through after a natural disaster? As I recall…many are still living in much less than ideal conditions after Hurricane Katrina…so my heart is not going to break for the illegals. Are they being starved? No one asked them to come here. Too bad they cannot send them back to their homeland quicker and we don’t have to feed them.


Wow! Only three people thus far have given their nod of approval for the tent cities.

I personaly do not like the idea that we treat convicted murderers and child molesters better than parents and children who for the most part are here in pursuit of the American dream. I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the sort of thing that we have been sorry for in the past like the Japanese Internment camps and the mass deportation of Hispanics, many who were American citizens back in the 30’s. I guess we can always say, “We’re sorry”.


I don’t approve of law abiding American citizens having to live in poor circumstances over a year after Hurricane Katrina. Where is your sympathy for them?

Are there children being held in the tent cities? If so, I missed that part. If it is the lawbreaking parents…so be it…they are law breakers…they are not upstanding citizens. You cannot really compare the internment camps of WW2 with the illegals being housed here today. That is apples and oranges. As for telling anyone “I’m sorry.”…lets hear it from the illegals who stole into this country…unwanted and unwelcomed. I’ll be waiting…LOL




I don’t see the connection, though I had no problem with the use of my tax dollar to help the victims of Katrina.

Are there children being held in the tent cities? If so, I missed that part.

There are children under detention as the article states of the violations of Texas law regarding governmental responsibilities to the children as was stated in page two of the article.

If it is the lawbreaking parents…so be it…they are law breakers…they are not upstanding citizens. You cannot really compare the internment camps of WW2 with the illegals being housed here today. That is apples and oranges

How is it different? They were both run by FEAR.

. As for telling anyone “I’m sorry.”…lets hear it from the illegals who stole into this country…unwanted and unwelcomed. I’ll be waiting…LOL

You don’t speak for me. I realize that we need them here. I realize that they serve our nation and I realize that they continue a long tradition of immigration. I realize that most did not “steal” a thing. The illegal brand to immigration is a recent one. These people are doing the exact same thing that all that came before them did. Yes, it “illegal” now, but I haven’t seen a good reason for closing the legal option to them, especially since they have proven that their labor is a NET benefit to our country and most are innocent of any real crimes, just like all those that came before. The difference is that we arbitrarily closed the legal option to them and in so doing we not only ignored natural market forces and Human Rights we contradicted them. So for my part, those people who are here “illegally” who are not a threat to others and have otherwise been productive and law abiding, I welcome them.

I for one, worry that there are American citizens that may have hastily been included in these detentions. I worry about the impact on legal immigrants and American citizens of color because such people have been wrongfully deported in the past and as has often ocurred on these threads the word “Hispanic”, for example, has been used interchangeably with “illegal” immigrants ignoring the fact that Hispanic also refers to legal immigrants and American Hispanic citizens.


Well…the connection between the American victims of Katrina and the ILLEGALS being housed in tents are just that. The difference between housing that is sub par for citizens and what the illegals are living in. They are lawbreakers and do not belong in this country in the first place…they aren’t being mistreated…it may be their housing isn’t the best, but that is the way it is for many disaster victims so cry me a river.

I do have a problem with children under 18 being held. Special arrangemnets should be made for them. Maybe Mom and dad should think of the consequences for their children when they reside in a country not their own.

I never said I was speaking for you Ituyu anymore than you are speaking for me. They are illegal, should not be here and we would get by fine without them. The millions here are going to be given amnesty at some point, I am sure and that will be the 2nd large scale amnesty since Reagan’s. We cannot have another. Those that are here should be fined heavily and should have to pay for their lawbreaking beyond just a slap on the wrist. I am not sure what that would be…



There is no need cry you a river. The Katrina tents were to bring people in from a worse situation and to help them recoup their lives as much as possible. Aside from the fact that they won’t work and we can’t sustain them these current tent cities are a waste of valuable time and money and send the wrong message about America. It says we don’t tolerate people because they are different and it says that we are blind to what we’ve created through our failed policies. At some point we have to be wise enough to admit that some things just don’t work and fix them. I am thankful that most of these people are here for the alternative would not have been good for us. I’m afraid that until we can accept that, we will continue tp waste time and money on an effort that not only gives us nothing in return but makes matters worse.


So rather than improve conditions in the tent cities, you would recommend we put them in regular prisons? :wink:

It isn’t an ideal situation, but we have something called an elected Congress in this country. I know this doesn’t concern people who are willing to violate a country’s immigration laws, but it does prevent the president from implementing a good guest worker program. Congress has basically demanded strong border control first. This is the first step, like it or not.

I hope we improve the conditions, but I think the process is correct.


Agreed… If they hadn’t broke the law to begin with… they wouldn’t be in that situation.



Your anger towards your fellow citizens while you are coming to the defense of ILLEGAL aliens is most disheartening. You “KNOW” for a fact that ALL the Katrina victims DON’T work? Good one…and so they deserve to live in such deplorable conditions while you have a fit because ILLEGAL aliens who are lawbreaking criminals are put up in conditions that you find less than appealing?

I also find it hard to believe that after the tornadoes in Florida last week that FEMA is still having trouble getting their feet on the ground to give assistance to those affected…so, I will give my sympathy to those who are in situations NOT of their own making…unlike the ILLEGAL aliens.


I would be willing to see them put in closed military bases. There are moe than a few sitting empty, thanks to Clinton and this would be a good use for them. But, i think Ituyu would rather see them set up in a Hilton.



There is a Sheriff from Arizona…Sheriff Arpaio…who houses*…the last I knew*…prisoners in tents…Ituyu…do you feel outrage for the Hispanics and Americans who are housed there?




How how do you come up with such a ridiculous conclusion?

The reform of a system that is broken, as in does not work, makes a lot more sense than wasteful measures.


Nobody should be treated inhumanely.


Unfortunately it IS going to cost us some money to get this problem under control. We have to have a way to house these people…unless you would rather see them in tent cities. I think my idea is a good one. When illegals are stopped they do not return for their hearings and they are released into society to never be heard from again…which tells me that they should not be released. They should be held until their hearing. What a better place to house them? But, I guess it is ridiculous in comparison to your idea of throwing open the border and letting them all in.



There are law abiding citizens of this country who are in inadequate housing. That is where I put my sympathy…


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