Immigrants Facing Deportation by U.S. Hospitals

Mr. Jiménez’s benchmark case exposes a little-known but apparently widespread practice. Many American hospitals are taking it upon themselves to repatriate seriously injured or ill immigrants because they cannot find nursing homes willing to accept them without insurance. Medicaid does not cover long-term care for illegal immigrants, or for newly arrived legal immigrants, creating a quandary for hospitals, which are obligated by federal regulation to arrange post-hospital care for patients who need it.

American immigration authorities play no role in these private repatriations, carried out by ambulance, air ambulance and commercial plane. Most hospitals say that they do not conduct cross-border transfers until patients are medically stable and that they arrange to deliver them into a physician’s care in their homeland. But the hospitals are operating in a void, without governmental assistance or oversight, leaving ample room for legal and ethical transgressions on both sides of the border.

Indeed, some advocates for immigrants see these repatriations as a kind of international patient dumping, with ambulances taking patients in the wrong direction, away from first-world hospitals to less-adequate care, if any.

This is what happens when you work in a country illegally. Would it be any different if you worked illegally in Europe? Nope. If you are a legal resident of country x and you work illegally in country y, you certainly can’t expect country y to take care of you out of tax dollars. :shrug:

Unfortunately, our Senate didn’t rally behind the McCain/Kennedy bill, which would have straightened out the legal status of everyone and opened up a straightforward process for how to deal with guest workers, versus legal residents, etc. I don’t know if much would have changed for long-term care requirements of a “guest worker,” but at least it wouldn’t have been a situation where the hospitals had no “governmental assistance or oversight.”

McCain/Kennedy was nothing more than anmensty…which I’m STRONGLY oppossed to…it didn’t work the last time it was tried, it won’t now. We do three things to improve the illegal immigration issue…the first is to enforce the laws and REALLY crack down on those HIRING illegals…if the jobs go away…so will Illegal immigrants.

Second, better border security…to include withholding Federal funds from Sanctuary cities such as San Francisco.

Finally, Use all our diplomatic power to force Mexico, the source of the majority of US illegals, to get rid of the corruption in their government and improve the lives of its citizens.

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