Immigration and Catholic Marriage?


I’m discerning the vocation of marriage with a lovely Mexican girl. I understand there are pre-cana courses and other preparations prior to Marriage in the Church. Also, immigration on a fiancee visa requires marriage within 90 days of the arrival of the non-national. Since both of us will only consider marriage in the Church, will this present a problem with timing? Have any others here successfully negotiated all of this?


If your fiancee comes to the United States on a fiancee visa, you must get married within 90 days. Otherwise, she is here illegally and you are committing a crime by harboring an illegal alien.

My wife and I (we are both Catholic) were married by a justice of the peace one month after she arrived in the US from Colombia. We married in Church eight months later. I did not receive Holy Communion during that time. My wife did (I urged her not to), but later she realized her sin and confessed to it.

You may marry your fiancee in Mexico, but then you will have to apply for a marriage visa and your wife will have to remain in Mexico for more than a year before she can legally come to live in the United States.

The 90 day rule established by the US CIS is non-negotiable and is incompatible with the Catholic Church’s rule, depending on the diocese, that engaged couples must apply six months to a year before their intended marriage date.

Good luck.

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