Immigration reform is not amnesty, Bishop Wester says about bishops' position [CNA]

Huntington, Ind., May 9, 2010 / 07:32 am (CNA).- Saying that immigration reform is not amnesty, Bishop John C. Wester of Salt Lake City has claimed the “broken” immigration system helps exploit migrant workers and causes some to die in the desert. He urged that lawfulness be restored to the U.S. immigration system while also accommodating the great need for unskilled labor.

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I have read the Bishop’s full article on the immigration matter. And frankly, am shaking my head in disagreement with most of his stance. As a Nation, we live under the “rule of Law” or not. As a Catholic, you live under the laws of the Pope and Magisterium. Both are under the laws of God. We are seeing what happens to a Nation that decides not to live under the laws of God and as Catholic’s you are beginning to see what is happening to the Church by not living by it’s authority granted by Jesus Christ.

The Church is allowing Representatives of Congress to tell it what to do. Pelosi told the Church this morning to start preaching Immigration Reform from the pulpit. She of all so called Catholics shouldn’t get away with telling the Pope and Magisterium what Church Policy should be since she doesn’t accept their Policy on Abortion. Now a Bishop is touting Immigration Reform. Soon we will be instructed to water down other authoritative positions of the Church as time changes all things.

No, no, no. God does not change as Holy Scripture states. Sure we need to take care of the poor, sick and widows and we do. However, I fear we do less as a Church than we did in the past. After all the Government can do that, RIGHT? No, the Church should do more, and that’s you and me in our donations of time, talent, and resources.

As to Immigration Reform why reform when we just need to enforce the existing laws? God used that system in the early 1900s when the Church was growing greatly in America through legal immigration. Of course, God can do anything at anytime without any help from sinful man.

Thank you God for your Grace in Christ and help us in spite of ourselves to live in a manner that glorifies you. Amen

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