Immigration Restriction

For the USA, would it be a sin to believe that immigration should be extremely restricted or even completely stopped? If so, would it be of grave matter?

Thank you.

The fourth commandment:

2241 The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.

Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens.

A guest is not someone who breaks into your house. As a Catholic is not a sin to believe your country has a right to sovereignty. And, that all citizens should abide by the law.

There is absolutely no reason why Mexico is not a first world country. We enable the drug lords and mass graves by having a false heart of charity. The best thing Mexico could do is it fixes itself.

When I worked construction and factory jobs the number of Mexican men who came over here illegally to work was numerous. The thing that always got me is how they at first sent money back to their wife and children,and then shortly thereafter contracted a marriage in the states becoming polygamist, and ultimately abandoning their wife and children. Those women can be found working in whorehouses, and many of the children just become thugs having been abandoned for the family in the states. This is why so many Mexicans do not receive the Eucharist. The priest and deacons should stop being cowards and stand up for families.

I also wish Catholics would quit misquoting social encyclicals and the catechism to force a false weakened view of charity. The problem with Mexico is not the United States of America it is the corruption and immorality of its citizens. We are heading in the same direction.

As a practical matter, the US and Europe need a certain level of immigration or we would have a critical labor shortage. Our tragically low birthrates are because of our society’s embrace of contraception-abortion.

It really depends on the reason you feel that way, however, I think most of the common arguments are fairly sinful. Whether it’s grave or not would most certainly depend on how much the person actually knew about the situation and what his motives were. By the same token, a person could be sinfully supporting immigration as well, if their main motivation was their ability to find an illegally hired maid for $4 an hour or engage in human trafficking.

The US and most of Europe do have legal immigration. I am only talking about illegal immigration. The CCC 2241 relates to legal immigration and is often used to justify criminal behavior and glossing over or not taking seriously the eighth commandment of “I shall not steal”. Of course if people believed God commandments had weight in their life the 8th commandment alone forbids socialism and communism along with others.

The idea or notion that Americans are to lazy to work is a lie. They may not work their entire life in a dead end job, but the youth and unskilled labor would and do work hard labor jobs. Myself I have mowed and raked yards, bailed hay, worked construction, stacked dog food for eight hours a day, and many other hard labor jobs. I also decided to go to college and now work as a network engineer who has and still do design voice and data networks.

People are wise today to be hesitant about letting their daughters and sons go work in restaurants, or labor jobs where a majority of the workers use false identification, and after they rape their daughters just take off to Mexico or change their identification and go work another job and prey on the youth some more.

Again when we encourage lawless behavior we should not be surprised when lawless activity surrounds us.

If people think that everyone from Mexico is innocent and are like little children then I encourage you to go to any construction site and offer to bring a few illegal aliens in your house to sleep under the same roof as you, your wife, your daughters and your sons.

If the problem was the United States then why are so many fleeing their country. Be honest and hold Mexico accountable. Mexico has natural resources, access to the Gulf, the US that borders their North, and Canada just up the road a bit. The corruption and disgrace is an epidemic, so what do you think the 40 - 50 million here illegally are like? Invite them into your home after all you are inviting them into ours.

Why is immigration from Mexico and Central America a problem, and immigration from Canada not a problem?

Easy answer: Not many people are keen to leave Canada, and those that do are generally those that are simply looking for a bigger playing field. Some years immigration from the US to Canada is actually more than the other way.

Meanwhile, Mexico and Central America are filled with corruption and violence. Of course people want to leave. The solution–this goes for the Middle East as well–is to ensure that those countries are democratic, well-run, and offer equal opportunity and rights. A tall order, but that’s the answer. Turning the US into another Latin American country is not the answer.

Let me ask a further question: Is holding a position sinful?

If it were a sin, are we obliged to fall in love and marry a non-foreigner? That wouldn’t be fair.

Various Pew Research studies indicate somewhere between 5.9 million and 6.4 million illegal / “undocumented” Mexicans in the U.S. That’s not immigration; that’s an invasion.

Let’s ask a further question: If you were in a lifeboat that could hold 20 people, and there were already 25 people in the boat, and it was clear that adding one more would sink the boat, would you “save” that 26th person even if it meant downing all of you?

Likewise, right now the US has a certain set of values, laws, etc. that make it a desirable place to live. If accepting more immigrants would change the character of the country so much that it would resemble El Salvador more than today’s US, would that be a good thing to do?

It seems that people are talking a lot about illegal immigration. That isn’t what I meant when I said immigration restriction. I mean the restrictions the US government places on *legal *immigration. I believe that, in regard to illegal immigrants, they should be deported since they are, as someone sated, invaders by coming into the country without consent from the government.

I want to know what we can believe in regards to legal immigration in the US without committing a sin. Can we just cut off all immigration, or must we allow at least a very select few?

This is part of the reason that I asked this question. I have heard that Muslims are coming in from other countries and still communicating with a terrorist organization. Others, as I have recently been told, have been allowed to follow Sharia Law in some states.

Well, yes it can be. We can’t have a position of support for abortion or the sodomite definition of matrimony lest we commit mortal sin. This is why I wanted to make sure that I know what I am allowed to believe concerning immigration before I decide on it.

So, if I believe in my heart (which I don’t) that gay civil marriage should be allowed, it is a sin, even if I don’t do anything to advance that view like voting or voicing my opinion? Thinking is a sin?

Yes, because you are committing the sin of heresy by denying what the Church teaches as divine revelation. By doing so, one commits a mortal sin. Having lustful thoughts, for example, are a mortal sin even though you don’t actually do anything physically.

I’m a US citizen and I vote for not cutting off all legal immigration as this will restrict men’s freedom on choosing who to love. What if I fall in love with a foreigner and truly believe this is the one God has for me and wish to marry him? Is the US gonna throw me away to the foreigner’s Country? Not fair, people, not fair.

Is it a sin to think immigration should be limited?

Absolutely not. Many hold this view and are convinced it is morally correct (I’m one if them).

We need not throw open the borders to everyone - unrestricted immigration means allowing on every criminal; terrorist; or whoever wants to come in, including those who come in for illicit reasons. We are not required to welcome them with open arms.

I doubt that people will fall in love with a foreigner while traveling; however, if something like that should happen, I would consider it to be an extraordinary circumstance in which the immigration of the spouse may be permitted. What I want to know is what can we believe in regard to legal immigration in the US without committing sin. I am not currently concerned with what is fair but with what is moral.

You can believe immigration can be restricted.

Is there any limit as to how restricted we may believe it to be?

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