Immoderacy in hot water?


We must be moderate about earthly pleasures. So what about hot water? I like showering with hot water. After some time, water that was hot before is now not hot enough, so I make it more hot. Is this immoderacy? NOTE:I am not speaking about an amount of water that is spent, but about constant need to make water more and more hot.


Hot water?

I don’t think that is a sin, I wouldn’t want to shower in cold water in the winter.



Sounds dangerous. Don’t burn yourself!


You have posted a number of threads that taken together are concerning. PLEASE go see your pastor and ask for spiritual direction for what appears to be signs of scrupulosity.


I second that!


I agree. You are overthinking this. You may just have a colder house than before or your body’s perception of got vs. cold naturally changed. Lots of people enjoy hot showers and they can be great for sore muscles and stress.


Hi lifesoldier,

No, there is nothing wrong with using hot water. The only thing is, is that you don’t want it to be so hot that you burn yourself.

We do have to be moderate in earthly pleasures, but it seems like you may be getting confused and concerned about what might be the normal use of something, and what might be considered the extreme use of something. Using hot water is part of every day living.

Anything taken to an extreme and used in an extreme way would be wrong. For example, gluttony is a sin.

I agree with some of the other posters here in that I think that perhaps you are starting to become scrupulous in your thinking, based on your posts. This is something that your pastor can help you with.


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