Immoderacy in talking?

We must be moderate in everything. So what’s up with talking? I know that I often talk majority of time when I am with friends. I tell jokes and others like it, they don’t mind. So is this sinful? I know it would be good for me to spend less time talking, because that way I could hear God more clearly (I am not talking literaly, I don’t hear God in the way I hear people), but question is is it sinful and is God OK with me talking much if other people like it?

Not quite. If you are driving a car, I really hope you are more than moderately careful! So much depends on context. Just use common sense & don’t over think it.

Yes it is very sinful…you should only speak in the responses to mass and never any other time.


Seriously though please cut yourself slack and talk to your priest about scrupulosity

In your particular situation, I think you’re being scrupulous. :shrug:

The Simple act of talking is not a sin, even if done in excess, for some personality types and other mental factors encourage such simulation. You might wish to slow down your talking out of courtesy for others, but talking a lot should not innately merit sin.

Talk when it is timely, listen otherwise.

Check out this article and see if it pertains to your situation and state of mind.

I agree, I think this is scrupulosity. don’t worry, I have it too.

I’m the more introverted type, if there weren’t people like you in the world, then I would have to do more talking. ugh. haha. I need extroverted friends so I can spend more time listening and not having to think of things to say

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. it’s a sin if you were gossiping or being uncharitable

If they are happy to just listen most of the time, there’s no sin. However, if they try to say something, you should stop talking for a second so they can be heard. You should also try to include them in the conversation. Don’t ever just talk about you or what you like. Ask them questions about what they think too. I’m not saying you do any of these things though. These are just areas to look for possible sin.

How many of these threads are you going to open?
As posters in other threads of yours have advised please speak to your priest about your concerns otherwise scrupulosity will make your life miserable.

In case you don’t know what scrupulosity is see below:

SCRUPULOSITY. The habit of imagining sin where none exists, or grave sin where the matter is venial. To overcome scrupulosity, a person needs to be properly instructed in order to form a right conscience, and in extreme cases the only remedy is absolute obedience (for a time) to a prudent confessor.

Oddly I just had an experience of how too much talking on my part led me to my saying something outrageously stupid which I knew to be mistaken about half an hour after I said it, and this to a Protestant friend.

 While sociability is a good thing, those of us who do enjoy talking- not necessarily conversation either, just talking for its own sake - should recognize that there is a kind of drunkenness on words that leads to an impairment of good judgment of what the good of our listener is, even what the good of our own soul is. We can simply be wishing to be seen in a good light, whether or not we readily speak the truth. There is a kind of lack of modesty that inevitably goes with the habit; it's a good one to learn to curb,  a good way of self-mortification, one that God only can ever see. Restraint in speech, if accompanied by a daily prayer, will let the Holy Spirit grant you better things to say.
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