Immoral Internet Searches


Hi everyone. Since I am scrupulous I wanted to get a reality check. On the world news tonight there was a story about hacked celebrity nude photos. Curiosity got to me so I searched but then left pretty abruptly. Does this constitute a mortal sin? I know watching porn and masturbating obviously is, but I just wanted some opinions on this particular situation.


I’d say It’s impossible for us to judge the gravity of it: there are too many variables in how responsible you were, such as habit, state of mind, length of time, curiosity vs lust etc.

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A poll will not decide it. Other people’s opinions will only inform you about… other people’s opinions!


i would say no. you failed to complete the action of finding nude pictures because you abandoned it before you were successful. if you had tried and just couldn’t find them or your computer crashed then you might be culpable for the sin.


beware the ‘near occasion of sin’. it is a sin itself and i am very susceptible myself to the lure of internet headlines. they are a temptation, and clicking on them is giving into it. it’s bad enough the filth you come across by accident. God bless!


I feel that only God would be able to vote on this poll, and even then, his answer may not fit into any of those categories. When it comes to mortal sin, so many variables can take place in various situations. While the forum may be able to help with the cut and dry sin questions, the more obscure ones would need to be answered by God. You should definitely ask Him

I don’t know… It’s just the way I see it :blush: :shrug:


my go to question in these situations is ‘would Jesus do this’? helps with the scrupulosity. then take it to confession, it doesn’t have to be a mortal sin to be confessed.


Thanks for the replies. I am glad to see it is not a black/white issue. I do not want to become discouraged and feel I can stumble into mortal sin. I will confess it before receiving the Eucharist.


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