Impact of Faithfilled Fathers


I’m looking for the source of a survey/test/book/article taken to find out the impact on children when their fathers go to church on a regular basis compared to when only their mothers go to Church on a regular basis. I vaguely remember that the percentage of children that stayed loyal to their faith increased dramatically when their Father went to church regularly compared to when only their mother went to church regularly. If you know of this survey/test/book/article and know where I can find it please post a webpage (if applicable).



CARA does a lot of surveys/research on things like this. You could try looking at their site to see if they have done such a study.


I have seen these statistics a few times, but I don’t know of the source. I have heard them from Steve Wood, so you can check his website, Also, the statistics were part of the That Man Is You! program. You may check their website,

The statistics themselves are: If both mother and father attend church regularly, 33% become regular churchgoers. If the father is non-practicing and the mother is regular, 2% become regular. If the father is practicing and the mother is irregular, 38% become regular. If the father is practicing and the mother is non-practicing, 44% become regular.

Those statistics were taken from a Steve Wood presentation, but I don’t know the original source.


This is an article that was posted on CAF awhile back. I saved it to my favorites to show my DH, who stopped coming with us to Mass.


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