Impeachment insanity? Pelosi tries to block liberal push to oust Trump

Scary days,
when Nancy is the sane one in the house.

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Pelosi says her party needs to run on a positive agenda, and on that point she’s right.

Yes. Good governance should be their highest priority, benefiting both the US and her party.

I’m guessing she thinks there is still insufficient evidence to start proceedings. Also, perhaps she is concerned that a President Pence would be more effective than Trump is at implementing a conservative, Republican agenda that she does not want.

I think she wants to wait until after the 2018 elections hoping the democrats will have the majority in Congress to get the votes to impeach Trump.
I don’t think she has suddenly had a change of heart about Trump. She knows the democrats are getting a lot of press right now though. Calls for impeachment doesn’t help their image that is for sure!

No “change of heart” is necessary. Pelosi has not been calling for impeachment. She probably still has the same low opinion of Trump as she did before. But she also knows that a low opinion of a president is not grounds for impeachment.

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She certainly is out of step with fellow Californian Maxine Waters and other democrats.
She has her own political strategy in mind - we should not all of a sudden view Nancy as a compassionate and a sweet senior citizen who seems to be bordering on dementia.

There seems to be a lot of that going around lately.

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