Impeachment of Donald J. Trump

Here are the articles of impeachment framed by the House Judiciary Committee against Donald Trump.

So what? We all knew there would be some and most of knew it wouldn’t matter a whit what it said.

It will all go into an incinerator after the Senate is done.

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“Frame” seems a very appropriate word to describe what’s going on.


It is useful to have the report here that lays out the facts and the law… to provide a reference when people inquire about the facts and fhe law.

Good one!:grin:

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  • create or formulate (a concept, plan, or system).
    “the staff have proved invaluable in framing the proposals”

  • informal
    produce false evidence against (an innocent person) so that they appear guilty.
    “he claims he was framed”

If you prefer the latter, informal definition, you then agree that there is evidence that makes Trump appear guilty. That is progress.

I would suspect your intent wasn’t to “inform” anyone, it was just more pot stirring. This topic has been addressed multiple times on this forum. Here’s the deal, short & sweet, liberal democrats believe President Trump did what Schiff and the others decided to accuse him of. Conservative Republicans know he didn’t do anything wrong and that this “impeachment” process is just one more attempt to get rid of him.

Nothing you say will convince those of us who believe differently than you, those of us who believe differently than you know it is a waste of time to have a logical discussion about the matter.

No point in continuing with this. I would strongly suggest to my conservative friends on this forum to stop reacting to these posts. It’s getting tiresome reading the same old comments from the same posters. By responding, we keep these threads going for no good reason. We know what will happen, this will be over and the Dems will come up with some new plan to oust Trump. If we choose to not participate, then the thread just dies a natural death.

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I don’t agree, but feel free to provide the evidence you think makes Trump appear guilty, and I’ll be happy to comment on it.


Breath holding not recommended.


If you prefer the latter, informal definition, you then agree that this “evidence” you think makes Trump appear guilty is false evidence. That is progress.


If you would lik to know my intention, please feel free to ask.

Perhaps. Especially, I suppose, for people for whom this is a matter of belief rather than facts.

Then your comment about framing is contradicted by you disagreement.

I provided that Judiciary Committee report.

I think that it is obvious from my post that I was using the former, formal definition.

What page is the evidence that makes Trump look guilty on?


Why don’t you read and find out for yourself.

Because it’s 658 pages of very small writing.

But at least it’s unredacted.

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That’s because there’s no grand jury information that requires redaction.


Which has no evidence of a crime.


The whole mess is an exercise in futility. The Democrats don’t think they can win an election, and the Republicans wouldn’t impeach him if he shot someone in broad daylight. The United States will continue to have the government reflecting all our vices.


This powerful well written letter from President Trump is IMO a last ditch effort to get the the Democratic Party to quell the hatred they have incited in about half of all Americans. If they don’t back down then the impeachment will be a catch 22…violence…civil unrest. Terrifyingly…the perfect storm.
Few people want to say this because it is horrible.


Awesome.Good for our President for defending himself and our Nation against this egregious and hateful act by congress.Hope it wakes Nancy et al up and they just stop this nonsense,Now!

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