Impediments to Baptism?


My fiancé joined the RCIA program expecting to be baptized, received into the Church and receive the Sacraments this Saturday. He has been married twice before, both times before a Justice of the Peace. He has never been baptized but his first wife was (Protestant).

Now we're being told that he can't be received into the Church until his "background" is cleared up. :confused: The hope is that he will be granted the Petrine Privilege (or else an annulment). We realize our marriage will be delayed but his Baptism too?

This is breaking his heart because he really wants to become a Catholic. Can he be received into the Church and receive Holy Communion? He is not in a relationship with his former wives. Catholics who are divorced and not remarried are allowed to receive without an Annulment ... why can't he?

We're both senior citizens so time is a bit more of the essence. Thank you.


Since he is currently not in an invalid or irregular marriage, no he does not have an impediment to baptism.

However, I know that when someone who is waiting on a freedom to marry status is brought into the Church prior to the outcome of that status they must be prepared for the fact that if their prior marriage is found valid then they cannot ever marry.

Also, some of the Pauline and Petrine Privilege applications are contingent on the person's baptismal status depending upon the scenario-- so if they are unbaptized and get baptized before the petition is granted they may no longer qualify.

Talk to the priest, and try to be patient.


hello I'm new My names Esther. I live at home with my fiance and my sons 9 years and 14 months old. My 9 year old has severe cerebral palsy.:( I have been going to the church for about 2 years now had my sons baptized last summer. I'm finishing the RICA and taking marriage prep. So after this long journey iv been told by my priest I can't be baptized or receive sacraments because I'm not married yet. I had little to no christian teaching in the past. I'm just very upset because doing what I should do is hard we go to church:thumbsup: every week, RICA once a week, and marriage prep once a week. My son with CP yells screams and has seizure s so its hard to get people to watch him lucky he has good grande parents but its hard on them to. To watch a baby and a kids with special needs.:( oh ya I was also told by the same said priest that my sons shouldn't have been baptized. But it says in bible he who wishes to be baptized should be[BIBLEDRB][/BIBLEDRB]. I really want to like this priest,I have a close relationship with the deacon and others in the church but he is new to our church. and doesn't know us.:shrug:


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