Imperial Wizzard says hundreds will attend "whites only" rally; town shocked


Shameful that this sort of thing is still going on in the US.


I know this isn’t supposed to be funny but…

“The KKK has done a lot of good things over the years - helped a lot of people,” Barker said. “It’s a shame when someone is ‘White and Proud’ that they get labeled a racist.”

Gee, now why would they call you a racist :rolleyes:


KKK, started by a Democrat, was the militia wing of the Democrat Party. Reverend Childress says more black babies are aborted in 3 days than ever killed by the Ku Klux Klan. Same old Democratic Party.


According to my sources, the KKK is a good organization that does charity work. :shrug:

"The new Klan, according to the letter, does a lot of good in society: “We make charitable contributions, help the homeless, and will assist anyone who asks for our help. Again, race is NOT a factor in those we help.”


I’m not sure your opinions are in line with Catholic teachings in regards to the Ku Klux Klan. Is there a direct Letter from the USCCB suggesting that we are to be opposed to the Klan? Especially considering that the KKK does charity work?

…again, the poor and less fortunate are always a Catholic priority. :shrug:


Racism is an evil which endures in our society and in our Church. Despite apparent advances and even significant changes in the last two decades, the reality of racism remains. In large part it is only external appearances which have changed. In 1958 we spoke out against the blatant forms of racism that divided people through discriminatory laws and enforced segregation. We pointed out the moral evil that denied human persons their dignity as children of God and their God-given rights. (1) A decade later in a second pastoral letter we again underscored the continuing scandal of racism called for decisive action to eradicate it from our society.(2) We recognize and applaud the readiness of many Americans to make new strides forward in reducing and eliminating prejudice against minorities. We are convinced that the majority of Americans realize that racial discrimination is both unjust and unworthy of this nation.

Racism is a sin: a sin that divides the human family, blots out the image of God among specific members of that family, and violates the fundamental human dignity of those called to be children of the same Father. Racism is the sin that says some human beings are inherently superior and others essentially inferior because of races. It is the sin that makes racial characteristics the determining factor for the exercise of human rights. It mocks the words of Jesus: “Treat others the way you would have them treat you.” (4) Indeed, racism is more than a disregard for the words of Jesus; it is a denial of the truth of the dignity of each human being revealed by the mystery of the Incarnation.


But that is what Free Speech is. First Amendment was written to protect speech that people find offensive-as long as it does not incite violence. Klansmen have a First Amendment right to say what they like as long as they do not incite others to violence. Also racists including those in KKK can be intelligent. There are Klansmen who can speak fluent Vietnamese and Korean as there were Klansmen who fought in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Yes, they are racists and believe in segregation. But racists can be intelligent people.


The interesting thing is that this is a 2 year old story about an event two years ago. There is no evidence on how many actually showed up. But my guess is that if it were really hundreds we probably would have heard about it before. So how do we generalize from a tiny fringe group?


Oh, I didn’t know it was 2 years old. Yeah, not very current.

I don’t know how many showed up. I’ll see if I can find anything.


According to my sources the KKK is racist. You can do all those things without being in a racist organization. In fact, most groups that do those things aren’t racist.


Is it anymore racist than BET? If not, and it’s a ‘charitable’ organization, then it’s okay for Catholics to support then. Right?

Otherwise, Catholics should not watch BET.


Can you show evidence that the KKK currently advocates racism within its rules and guidelines as anything more racist than BET?


BET is a television network specializing in programming about African American Entertainment news.

The KKK is an organization founded to preserve what was thought of as “order” in the South following the Civil War- meaning the subjugation of black people in all areas of public life and oppression and violence against white persons who sympathized with the struggles facing Black Americans during Reconstruction.

Currently the KKK- though significantly less powerful- uses more palatable anti-immigration and “segregationist” language to hide behind their brutal history.

It’s like comparing apples to wing nuts.


If BET is racist then

Do you believe the National Black Catholic Congress is racist?




So the kkk is the same now as it was when it started then… So we should hold it accountable for its history. Has the Church ever done wrong? Should we hold the church accountable to history too?


Oh, just like Planned Parenthood! They hand out pamphlets on how to do a monthly self-screening for breast cancer, so we can focus on that instead of the millions of innocent children they’ve murdered and their penchant for drugging underage girls without their parents consent so they can keep having sex with their 30-year-old “boyfriend” and not get caught.


I don’t know. As a country we’ve embraced Enlightenment “liberal” ideas such as freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. If we’re going to allow “gay pride” parades, I’m not sure why we wouldn’t allow “white pride” parades sponsored by the KKK. Now, if we take a step back from the so-called “Enlightenment” and root ourselves in our Catholic values, we can reject both as ultimately harmful to society and supportive of sin (racism- a form of hatred, and gay pride- a form of lust). As long as we stick we the current schema, I don’t see how anyone can condemn this rally and not condemn the other.


What is your point? They’re not so bad because they’re billingual? An intelligent racist is more culpable for his actions than a stupid racist.


I think his point is that they too have the right to speech and assembly.

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