Implantation Pain


We are using the billing methord or natural family planning. We are trying to create a baby and have been for the last 8 months.
I am a very regular 28 day cycle. But the other night I had very bad cramping so much so I was folded over in pain and need a hot pack to get to sleep. but this was4 days before my period was due. I am not 2 days late and was wondering if this is normal was it implantation pain or is my period just late.
A few months ago I had a very late period and we believe we lost out baby. But just need to advice from other catholics, I dont have many friends who are married and cathilic who I can talk to about this.
Thanks for your help and advice in advance!
God bless


It could be, and more over if it was in only one side. For example, I had really bad pain in left side I thought it was going to kill me… Not entire stomach just one side. Basically if I were in your shoes I would wait up to my period was one week late, and take first response test. You cant get ‘‘false positive’’ from them since they respond to hCG-hormone which is there only when you are pregnant. If it comes out negative, but your period is still not there, wait another couple of days, and test again. Good luck!!! :thumbsup:


The timing (4 days before your period) sounds like implantation could be possible…
I’ve experienced it twice (been pregnant 4 times - lost one to miscarriage)…
Although I don’t remember it being associated with one particular “side” as the previous poster mentioned… I remember just overall doubling-over pain… worse than my menstrual cramps. I also experienced some implantation bleeding - much shorter duration than a period (just a few hours).
HTH and prayers that you will be blessed with a child soon.


I don’t think I said it has to be necessarily only one side, but it can be that way. In my case it was. Its funny how here in Europe the OB/GYNs generally ask you, weather you felt like ‘‘pinching’’ in one of the sides of your uterus, when you go there for confirming weather you are pregnant. Well, don’t know how it goes in US… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Ladies
Thats you so much for you advice on this matter!
I am now 4 days late, so I am going to stick to you adive and wait till its a least a week and if I am still waiting than Ill get the first response and see what the result is.
Thanks again, it nice chatting to other like minded people
Bless ya


Good luck Aussie Bella! :smiley: With our daughter, I had no cramping but slight spotting. With this pregnancy, I had huge cramping for 2 days - 6 and 7 DPO (typically 6 and 5 days before my period but since I’m breastfeeding, my cycles were longer). I, too; was doubled over. No spotting though.

Prayers for you! :gopray:

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Hi Ladies
Well I have news, I wish it was good but its not.
I tested this morning being the morning of my 7th day late and got a negative.
Than this evening I got my period and it is rather painful more so than normal.
It makes me sad but I guess we will just have to try again next month.
Thank You so much for you advice, well wishes and support.


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