Implications of the Way of Finding Divine Union


Two decades ago while on a summer religious retreat with the French Capuchin Fathers in my province; I was studying a condensed book on writings from Saint John of the Cross.
Today; he is one of my favorite saints. Recently my sister returned a large paperback book she had borrowed from me entitled: “The Dark Night of the Soul”… St. John of the Cross, Allison Peers edition.
Inside the book cover was something I had jotted down on a loose-leaf paper years ago on mystical spiritual growth as follows.

And so therefore, if a heart is to be ready for the spiritual marriage bond with the Divine complete spiritual essence of Christ, it must empty itself out of nothingness, the condition of its maximum capacity. So, too, a disinterested heart reduced to nothingness is the optimal goal, thus being the condition of maximum sensitivity. Take an illustration example from nature. If I wish to write on a white tablet or chalkboard, no matter how fine the matter already written on it, it will confuse me and prevent me from writing down “my thoughts”; so that, if I still wish to use the tablet or chalkboard, I must first erase all that is written on it.
But it will never serve me as well for writing as when the tablet or chalkboard was when it was in its original state new with no recorded written message to begin with, clean and uncluttered with nothingness. Similarly; if God is to write His message about the highest matters of “His” concern on my heart. Everything referred to as (“this or that”) must first come out of my heart “erased”, never to be referred to again. My heart must be emptied with a void of nothingness. In short; I must be disinterested with the concerns of this world. In this way God is free to do His will on (“His Own Level”) when my heart is uncluttered, disinterested, is bent on neither “This or That”


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