Importance of confirmation

Is it sufficient to be a practicing Catholic (attending Mass, observing Holy days, praying & defending beliefs) without having ever had Confirmation? As I feel I am already Catholic I am not inclined to undertake the RCIA program, however is this legitimate?

Unless you’ve been away from your faith since childhood, I wouldn’t see why you would need to go to RCIA classes.
However, you are missing out on graces if you haven’t been Confirmed! Talk to your priest about what’s required so you can be Confirmed. It’s a Sacrament you don’t want to miss out on.

No. Catholics are obligated to receive Confirmation.

RCIA is for non-Catholics. You are a Catholic. Go talk to your priest. No, your reluctance to receive confirmation-- even if you do have to go to a class first-- is not legitimate. Catholics are obligated to be confirmed.

The confirmation is required for

  • being sponsor of baptism (godparent) or confirmation

  • for receiving the sacred orders.

To receive proper education of the faith is required for every catholic. The RCIA is the proper instrument for this, unless the church makes separate course for the already baptized ones.

you did not answer the basic question, are you baptized? If so, you don’t need RCIA, you need preparation for Confirmation. Yes, it completes your Christian Initiation, confirms your baptism, is required for marriage and holy orders or religious profession. Not to accept this call from the bishop signifies a rejection of his authority and a reluctance to be fully initiated and participating in the life of the Church. So yes unless there is some grave impediment, all Catholics should be confirmed at the age they are called by the bishop. or as soon as possible afterward, and definitely before marriage if it can be done without grave inconvenience (losing a deposit on the hall or band is not grave inconvenience).

Furthermore to reject Confirmation means to reject the means by which Christ has told us–baptism in water and Spirit–he makes the gifts of the Holy Spirit available to us for our own spiritual growth, and by which the charisms are granted that prepare us for service to His Church.

The preparation for the sacrament consists in enough instruction so that you can make an informed profession of faith and understand, appreciate and ask for the graces of the sacrament.

And for marriage,

And, even if one never intends to undertake being a godparent, married life, or holy orders, one is still obligated to be confirmed.

Can. 890 The faithful are obliged to receive this sacrament at the proper time.

Proper time is then further defined in canon 891:

Can. 891 The sacrament of confirmation is to be conferred on the faithful at about the age of discretion unless the conference of bishops has determined another age, or there is danger of death, or in the judgment of the minister a grave cause suggests otherwise.

What an enigmatic statement. Are you in fact Catholic? You cannot just show up at a Catholic church from being a baptized, life-long Protestant and start receiving Holy Communion.

^ Good question. Do you “feel” Catholic, or are you Catholic?

If you are not baptized or were baptized as a Protestant, you need to take RCIA classes.

If you are baptized Catholic but left right afterwards, you need to take classes to prepare for First Communion, Confession, and Confirmation.

“Feelings” do not validate a position in life. I can “feel” like I am a fireman because I put out a runaway campfire but that does not make me one. If you are baptized and you so attend Mass and receive the Eucharist then why wouldn’t you want to receive the sacrament of Confirmation? If you did not receive your first Communion then why would you not want to go through RCIA? Being Catholic is a lifestyle and it is who we are as Christians. We cannot say that we “feel” Catholic and then reject the sacramental gifts. It just doesn’t make good sense or good Catholics… teachccd

=cherrystones;7775684]Is it sufficient to be a practicing Catholic (attending Mass, observing Holy days, praying & defending beliefs) without having ever had Confirmation? As I feel I am already Catholic I am not inclined to undertake the RCIA program, however is this legitimate?

No :slight_smile:

All of the sacraments are Instituted by Christ Himself with God’s desire that they be USED. WHY?

Because the sacraments are an extrodinary means of GRACE. Grace that we can in a senses regulate and control by worthy reception and frequent use.

Confirmation can be seen as instituted by Christ in John 20: 19-23… awhole lot is going on in these verses:

Christ FOUNDS officially the CC
The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit [Confirmation]
And the Sacrament of Confession :known forgiveness for our sins.

Confirmation is not merely important; it is essential in that it CREATES a PERSONAL Covenant between the Confirmed and God. Futher it requires a commitment that is rewarded with Super Natural Grace. One can’t commit to what one does not know. Therefore RCIA too is a necessary requirement.

In-order to share our Faith one must fully know it; embrace it and live it. Neither RCIA or Confirmation should be seen as a sort of penalty or punuishment. The 2000 year old CC has learned MUCH from Experience. If these were not benefical they would not be mandated.

Christ tells us FIVE times in the NT to “take up your ccross and follow Me” :**Luke.14: 7 **Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple.”

Humility is thee MOST important virtue to attain salvation; precisely because PRIDE id the root of all major sins!

PM me if you’d like further information :smiley:

God Bless and THANKS for asking:thumbsup:


I’ll tell you what…I was baptized Catholic…had my first communion…but never confirmed. I’ve been going through RCIA classes as my husband is converting. But secretly I kept thinking…no big deal for me…I already receive communion…so there is nothing more then the official confirmation. But now, I see how important it is and am looking forward to confirmation this Easter Vigil with my husband.

There are a lot of people that don’t “want” to take RCIA or don’t feel like it. But that kind of makes us a fair weather friend to the Church…don’t you think? How can we profess to take up our cross daily and follow Christ if we can’t even stick out something as simple as RCIA? What are we going to do when the tougher crosses come along?

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