Important article about George Soros

Please see link below for article from Lifesitenews and video in comments section entitled: EVERYTHING GEORGE SOROS DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW. (It is located near the bottom of the comments section, so you’ll need to scroll down a bit.)

In addition, please share with family and friends to get the word out.

May Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

Is this a legitimate news source?

Beware “compromise candidates”.

Just a lot of ranting about “New World Order elites,” Masons, George Soros and all the other usual suspects.

Oh, and Pope Francis is apparently part of the demonic one-world government plot, too.

Please. This is garbage.

Russia and Hungary are aware of the threat George Soros financed organizations pose to them. We need to become aware as well.

Hi, dvdjs -

Yes, is a legitimate news source. Some contributors to the Opinion section are Anthony Esolen, professor at Providence College and Abby Johnson, former director at Planned Parenthood. I visit LSN frequently as it covers pro-life news from both Canada and the U.S.

God bless,

  • praccath

And I hear he kicks kittens too. Or puppies? Something like that.

I am generally very skeptical of the accuracy of LifeSite’s reporting, but when it comes to George Soros, I’m prepared to believe anything. I don’t think anyone has a clue concerning where his tentacles - and his money - reach.

To those who are doubtful about the article I posted, I take my Catholic faith very seriously, so I was saddened to see someone refer to this information as “garbage”. I would never post anything like this recklessly or to be sensational. I posted it out of concern for others, not for any other reason. I pray the Holy Spirit gives you the grace of discernment as I’m sure nothing I can say will convince you.

God bless,

  • praccath

I’m sure you do take your Catholic faith very seriously. I have several friends (including one who is a priest) who regularly share articles from LSN on Facebook.

And while I greatly appreciate and support their mission of bringing to light stories (at least ostensibly related to pro-life issues) that would otherwise never see the light of day, I do not care for their general tone nor do I trust them report on the news even-handedly. This is my experience from reading articles from them here and there over the last 9 or 10 years. Ever since coming across their “Pope Benedict Opposes Harry Potter Novels” article, I have been on guard against the way they interpret things.

I wouldn’t take the “garbage” comment personally. LSN articles do tend towards the sensationalistic in many instances. Even when the facts they report are true facts, they often stretch them to lead to over-the-top conclusions. Whenever I read one of their articles, I just filter out the opining.

It’s really unfortunate. I think they have a great mission. I tend to agree with their views on many things. But that’s no excuse for reporting that plays it fast and loose nor for being unnecessarily provocative in the way they frame their stories (and headlines).

Thank you. What you wrote above sounds right to me.

Hi, Joe -

In defense of LSN, I don’t find them sensationalistic otherwise I wouldn’t have linked to the article, but I do thank you for your thoughtful response.

God bless,

  • praccath

My parish pastor,who BTW ,is very hesitant to discuss any hot button social issues from the pulpit,he mentioned George Soros by name .He pretty much came out and said he was behind the euthansia initiative and a whole host of other issues.To those of you who make light of his influence here and around the world,wake up.This man is intent in bringing our country down through his evil tactics.Just look at Hunrgy and other European nations he has decimated economically.thecUS is his coup de gras.:mad:



Exactly! Who do you think is behind all the chaos and turmoil surrounding the election prior and still…he has very deep pockets and certainly cannot be happy about HC losing.

Lifesite “news” is notoriously anti-Catholic and tabloid.

I take stories about the machinations of George Soros about as seriously as I take my sister’s rants about the Koch brothers.

To your detriment.The guy is evil incarnate.

When someone provides proof that’s not from biased sources, I’ll listen.

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