Important Dates coming up: 5 - 15 September


5th. September – First Friday
6th. September – First Saturday
First Friday & Saturday Devotions** **HERE

8th. September - Birth of Mary, Feast

12th. September - Most Holy Name of Mary, Optional Memorial

[LEFT][FONT=Arial][size=2]14th September - Triumph of the Cross, Feast[/LEFT]
[LEFT]15th September - Our Lady of Sorrows, Memorial[/LEFT]


Thanks for the heads up :). I already have been thinking ahead a lot about my First Friday devotion, but I haven’t thought about the others and know very little about them.

I just looked up the Sorrows of the Virgin one, though.


Catholic Culture is a really helpful site for many things liturgy connected!:thumbsup: September is the month dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows.


I think that there should also be “**Mary the mother of those who take Jesus as their savior”! **



Just giving this thread a nudge (“bump”) as we really do have some important dates coming up. The Trimph of The Cross is central to our Faith and journey, in which Mary shared so intimately and in deep suffering in a special way, being the mother of Jesus.


Thanks for that Barb will keep it in prayer, can you give me a good point to pray for other than the obvious, please.


Hi Wayne…Probably my stable more general intentions fall within the obvious and, in hope, I have just about all covered…I hope!
*]Intentions of The Holy Father and his needs
*]For The Church, all baptized, and all leadership religious and secular
*]For an increase in stable, holy vocations to all walks of life, especially the priesthood and religious life.
*]For mankind and the spread, knowledge and appreciation, of The Faith, and for all our missionaries
*]For the conversion of sinners to a holy way of life
*]For the sick and the dying and those who suffer in any way at all.
*]Souls in Purgatory especially those most forgotten[/LIST]I think probably this particular time of year with The Triumph of The Cross central, a good time to pray that The Cross, small and great, is loved and recognized as central and redemptive in our own lives and that of all Christians.


Lord even in my littleness and how i am at present I ask You not to allow my sinfulness to interfere with my prayers for these situation mentioned by my sister.
Lord bless them I pray hold them close to Your heart I pray.
Thank You Lord for Your mercy and Your blessings.



What a beautiful prayer, Wayne…full of sincerity, humility and simplicity…thank you very much…May The Lord quickly raise you from your own sufferings and I will be keeping you in my daily prayer…Barb:)


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