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[forum=31]Moral Theology[/forum] - explore moral implications and ramifications of Church doctrine and dilemmas affecting you and find the answer to the question, “Is this a sin?”

[forum=108]Social Justice[/forum] - dialogue about Church teaching with societal implications, pro-life/pro-choice issues, just war doctrine, human rights

[forum=102]Traditional Catholicism[/forum] - talk about the Traditional Latin Mass, the Indult, SSPX, sedevacantism

[forum=50]Eastern Christianity[/forum] - learn the history, spirituality, and practices of Eastern & Oriental Churches, Catholic and Orthodox

[forum=14]Non-Catholic Religions[/forum] - explore the history and beliefs of non-Catholic and non-Christian faiths, dialogue with their adherents

[forum=15]Liturgy & Sacraments[/forum] - discuss Mass and Sacraments, roles of ordinary and extraordinary ministers, liturgical music, church etiquette, the “other” Western Rites (Ambrosian, Bragan, and Mozarabic), Anglican Usage

[forum=12]Family Life[/forum] - talk with peers about marriage, educational concerns, interpersonal relationships, family planning, other aspects of daily family life

[forum=73]Parenting[/forum] - chat with others about coping with the joys, sorrows, practicalities, and challenges of raising children

[forum=100]Evangelization[/forum] - meet with others involved in religious education, catechesis, RCIA, CCD, and missionary outreach, compare experiences, learn from one another

[forum=19]Spirituality[/forum] - learn about Catholic apostolates, Secular and Third Orders, prayer, fasting, sacramentals, devotionals, Saints, your own spirituality

[forum=86]Prayer Intentions[/forum] - post prayer requests, respond to those of others, participate in perpetual prayers

[forum=75]Vocations[/forum] - discuss discernment of your own vocation to the religious, married, or single life; share your experiences with others; get information on diocesan and secular priestly formation and on religious orders

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[forum=80]War on Terror[/forum] - discuss emotional, social, and spiritual concerns involved in reacting to terrorism

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Discussion pertaining to childhood vaccinations is no longer permitted within the Family Life or Parenting forums. The issue is best discussed with medical professionals who are familiar with one’s own family and personal set of circumstances. Thank you for your cooperation.

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