Important historical Papal documents

I have an interest in history, particularly Ecclesiastical history, and really like to get an idea of what the world was like in a particular era. One way to do this I have found helpful is reading Papal documents (Bulls, Encyclicals, etc.) of a certain time pertaining to important issues.

Among those I have read are Pascendi Dominici Gregis, Mirari Vos, Quanta Cura, and quite a few others around and after the time of 1800.

Now I wonder whether there might be more documents that were concerned with critical events and developments from times earlier than that, perhaps of a more political nature during the Middle Ages and ones that were more concerned with theology or philosophy in relation to the world before 1800. Game-changing encyclicals, so to speak :slight_smile:

Are there any documents that come to mind? Basically, the question is: What are the really important Papal Bulls, Encyclicals and so forth before the time of 1800?

I look forward to replies. :slight_smile:

One site to go to is at It has ,any many wrightings from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church in translation. Go to may help :shrug:

Yes, thanks, but that’s not quite what I asked :shrug:

I’ll reiterate: Which Papal documents from the time before 1800 can you recommend I read? Which ones were particularly important, like, which were related to controversies, politics, etc.

This should help you get started.

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