i am 25 yr old have 4 kids liven with my man 9yrs i want to get married but dnt want nothing big just simple me n him. is this good for us or not? i been hurt but i believe in forgive

Please elaborate? And what is the current situation in your household?

Have you really lived with him since you were 16 and he hurts you? You really need to want something better than that? Why do you want to get married?

i dnt get physical hurt just lies betrade. i lov him n yeah i been with him tht long thnks for d replys n continue more

Do you realize that if he refuses to get married, but wants to stay with you that he is using you?

you didn’t give too much information… but, if he hurts you or the kids, i don’t think you should marry him. i think you should get faaaaar away.

i’ll say a prayer for you…

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