important message for non-catholic christians

Attention all non-catholic christians…

whether you are communicating with our catholic christian brothers and sisters in the catholic church on this site, on any other site or wherever in the world…
I, from the bottom of my heart want to say something to all that this applies…

Enough already…



Just stop

Stop what you may ask?

Read the following posts from one of my threads…


You see to a Catholic all truth is Christ…
This is why when people come
on these Boards and attacks the Catholic Church Catholics become defensive because
they see it as a direct attack on Christ.


I’ve been told many times(By evangelicals and Fundamentalists)
that because I’m Catholic, I’m going to hell;
if I’m not’born again" I’m going to hell.
I don’t have the right kind of baptism, so I’m going to hell,
I’m a cannibal, so I’m going to hell,
I’m an idolator so I’m going to hell.

I was so compelled when I read this, I responded…

juliamajor, it saddens me to hear that you have been told by other christians you are going to hell just because you are catholic… may I offer my sincere apologies on their behalf

after which JustaServant responded…

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
I am so encouraged to finally hear honesty coming from an evangelical on this subject.
What Juliamajor has encountered is what I encountered on the other side of the Tiber.
An insistance by people who believe they can see into the mind of God,
and BE God by ‘knowing for sure’ who goes to Hell.

juliamajor sums it up beautifully…

This sending people to hell stuff is not one sided-seems
to be an occupational hazard for Christians- the ones sending everyone to hell
are usually the on ones who need redemption most…
It’s not as easy as some people think.
Plus many people forget to let God be God.
He is the only one who could possibly know our hearts minds and spirit.
many people seem to say and act the right way- but their hearts are not truly there
even though their mouths say different.
God judges-we can only speculate .
Learn from the book of jonah.

People who claim to know who is and who isn’t going to hell annoy me.

(interrupted by 'Windows Updates") In the Fatima Prayer, “Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, saves from the fires of Hell; lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy”, it may seem that the person praying is thinking of certain individuals. That should not be the case, of course; that would be prejudging. Humans like the concepts of chance, luck and statistical probability. They are shortcuts in thinking and are a result of lazines of spirit as I see it. Satan, the Great Deceiver said, “I will not serve, Non servium”. Laziness personified!

I think you missed the point of mpjw2.

If you read the full thread that this comes from (which is: is heaven or hell awaiting me? [Now closed]) in asking the question on whether mpjw2 is going to heaven or hell for not being Catholic (or Orthodox for that matter) you will understand. The response from Catholics was interesting to say the least, and some even talked about the bigotry that they have experienced from people who call themselves “Christians.”

Mpjw2 is a Christian.
Mpjw2, as a non-catholic christian, is trying to get other non-catholics to cut down on the hate and bigotry, for there are catholics on CAF who are not bigots and receive a lot of hate.

Before you start in on me, please read all of my posts, or all of the posts in the closed thread “is heaven or hell awaiting me?” for that matter.

God Bless.

Anthony Esolen explains Dante’s imagery in the Purgatorio and its close correlation with the Christian faith. We learn that gratitude, humility, love — we do not see these in hell –But we do enjoy them in in purgatory where souls go in fellowship to learn how to be free and where we can finally enjoy them. Esalen shows us why “God is love”, as the Gospel of John puts it, is one of the most misunderstood verses of Scripture. And why there is no prayer in hell unlike the souls in Purgatory.
Anthony Esolen, The Freedom of Heaven, The Freedom of Hell

More here

Esolen is an editor of the Magnificat and translator of Dante’s The Divine Comedy.

Err, what? Just stating I agree with the general message behind the post. I’m not sure why I’d start in on you for you post, or why you expect that but oh well.

Sorry, I misunderstood you. :blush:

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