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My coworker brought to work today a book about some kind of ghost in Tenn. I think it’s called the bell witch. I told her I didn’t think she should be reading it but she says it’s not a problem. What do you think?


Answer?: It depends.


Well…it’s supposed to be true. People who visited this place “claim” to have “supernatural” things happen to them. She has been to this place and says something weird happened to her too. AFter hearing all of this I told her I didn’t think it was a good thing to be reading about it. She said she understoon why I objected and she also believes it is evil but…she’s interested in it too.


The Church does not condemn reading or studying supernatural phenomena, nor has she denied the fact that such occurances can or do exist. As the Church believes there is more to our existence than what can be seen, it is not incompatible with the faith to believe in ghosts, as it is entirely possible that these are departed souls, angels or demons.

That having been said, the Church expressly and vigorously condems the attempt to communicate with such phenomena of our own accord. Superstition, seances, witchcraft, etc are, as the Catechism states, an attempt by man to gain power which is rightly reserved to God alone. Study of this “bell witch” ghost is one thing. However, there exists the temptation with such study to attempt to experience these things for oneself, which is a very dangerous proposition.


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