Imported frozen chicken positive for Covid19

As long as it is not “Corona Beer” we are good.


It’s not clear to me if the detected virus was actually on the surface of the chicken or the packaging that contained the chicken.

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Another good reason to get away from globalized economies/food supply chains. Get back to local.


A virus can also be on local products.

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They can, but they won’t spread around the world on products.

If shipping to another country takes a week or more any virus would be dead.

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Should be and are/is aren’t always the same.

Brazil sending Covid-19 back to China… That pesky Karma thingy again… :rofl:


That’s what many studies show and even if it survived longer (no evidence of that) the chances of it being able to actually infect someone is almost non-existent.
From what I have read there is no evidence of anyone anywhere being infected from items that have been shipped to another country or even domestically delivered to your door.
Packaging from items shipped are the lowest risk.

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So we are short of tests, but we are going to spend time and effort testing frozen chicken.

Well…if losing ones sense of smell is a symptom, I guess they had a reason.


On beer, a brewaru here has switched to making perfume. That hoppy sweet smell.

Its also been found on other frozen goods.
DNA testing of virus found reveals where it os from and to whom it belongs.
Hopefully NZ will get DNA testing done fast and id the original source.

Exactly. Two points , it is not fussy about the point of origin of the plastic or food surface it is hanging around on.

Remember though, it needs a human or animal host.
The process of freezing is used as a virus preserver in lab situations where called for as a method. chilling and freezing dont kill it.
Summer doesnt kill it either as USA is learning.

It likes indoors as a spreading party, compared to outdoors.

Your theory may change this week.
Goods get shipped much faster then a week, especially by air

This probably isn’t possible anymore. Autarky is a dream of the 20th century that’s basically unfeasible. Ignoring the fact that you probably can’t produce the great mass of consumer products domestically, I don’t see how manufacturing industry could sacrifice the higher rate of profit they get from overseas production.

May I recommend Human Scale by Kirkpatrick Sale?

Its still low risk and not something that should be prioritised.

By the way it is not my theory. It’s the result of studies done on the survival of the virus on various surfaces.

Survival of this virus on surfaces, at least three days, and chilling and freezing included, is a different study and a different discussion.

We dont know yet what risk the migration of this virus on packaging holds, but the studies put of China have shown at least 1 cluster out of it. This is a new virus, we are just learning about it. A few months ago we thought it might just affect lungs, but we now know it affects other organs, the brain included. We thought children were not affected, we see a rare disease being a result of this virus
.We thought it was not a young person disease or a healthy person diseae, boy were we wrong on those counts.

We do know it loves meat processing plants and loves choppping board and other table surfaces too.

We do know from the studies that have been done.

Not about the potential of migration and transmission, thats just a new thing.

We are dealing with a novel virus that will likely be around for a very long time, potentially lead to a second pandemic, and is throwing up new discoveries in very swift time spans.

To date there is no evidence of a single person on the planet being infected by food packaging (frozen or otherwise) or indeed by any type of packaging of home deliveries.

Naturally it is prudent to wipe any deliveries (which I do) but the risk is low. Also on surfaces the virus weakens until it dies and it is much less infectious before it has completely died.

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