Imposed With Brown Scapular and Future Monastic Habit?


Hello! I have been wearing the Brown Scapular for a while but have not had it blessed/imposition done. However, I am seriously considering a vocation to the monastic life. I was planning on having the imposition done soon however I was wondering…would entering into the Brown Scapular interfere with a future monastic habit? You are to wear the Brown Scapular for the rest of your life and I do not know if the scapular of a monastic habit would take the place of the Brown Scapular (example: Carthusian habit?) Or would the Order allow you to continue to wear the Brown Scapular under the monastic habit? Thank you!!!


God bless you.

As I understand it, the scapular represents the habit for those not wearing one.

Why do you feel drawn to monasticism and which family do you feel drawn to my friend?


If a person feels drawn towards the Priesthood or Monasticism I encourage them to look deeply into themself and their motivations. The life of a Priest (like we see on Sunday) can be the most uplifting, goal and achievement focused life available.

I wanted to be a Priest but also I had a girlfriend, and did not have the strength to leave her. So, I became a Union Organizer in Las Vegas. I did it for 25 years, saved no souls but hundreds of thousands of families, fed them, taught them to stand up and be counted, to make decisions and implement them..... Sort of like a politicl Priest, but without Sacraments.

One time we had a chef that would approach native Spanish speakers to do him a off the clock for a few minutes. AS TIME ROLLED ON THIS LITTLE FAVOR BECAME COMING IN AND WORKING A FEW HOURS ON THEIR DAY OFF..... See where I am going here? I speak Spanish, closer to formal Spanish / Castellano from Spain. (learned in on the job) and communicated with workers easily. When I heard of this we organised ourselves, workers, took several hundred people on their own time and we knelt in front f his office and said the Rosary. Some prayed in Latin, some in Spanish, some in Croatian, ..... When he came out of his office and saw what was happening, he pivoted around on his heel and went back inside, He is Catholic as well. Shortly Security came and sis nothing because arresting people for praying could actually cause an incident. Some of these souls were citizens of other countries, and religious persecution does not look good. So, finally, we set up a meeting and all of us, the Chef, and the Food Beverage Manager all had an immediate meeting. The Chef quit, the Contract was enforced, the workers got their overtime, and Federal Wage and Hour was called off and over 300 grievances were canceled.
The Power of the Rosary, of the Church, of Christ and humans cannot be underplayed. Do as your heart dictates, but do so with power, with focus and direction achieving the deepest and farthest goals, dreams and aspirations. Being a Priest is hard, and the most absolutely rewarding vocation ever! Kids and families ate, had shoes and clothes, bills were paid, and most important the Crucifix was lifted for all to feel and see.
Pax Vobiscum,
Don, Las Vegas, ...retired :)


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